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How to recognize artists

If you do not know much about Art, These brief, but at the same time very accurate explanations will help you become an expert in painting.

Many who can find these generalizing explanations rude and even tactless, but they disclose The very essence The work of each artist, really helping to understand, and even more important to remember the nature of paintings that belong to the brushes of great artists.

How to learn to understand art?

  1. If all the people pictured in the pictures have huge asses - this is rubens.
  2. Alliance of land and water

  3. If all men are more like curly-haired women with cow's eyes - this is caravaggio.
  4. Sick bacchus

  5. If the picture lacks some parts of the body or there are a few extra ones - this is a Picasso.
  6. Picasso

  7. If it seems to you that drugs were poured on you - it was given.
  8. Were given

  9. If people look as if they are being tortured - this is the Titian.
  10. Given

  11. If you see a lot of people, but they look normal - it's Bruegel.
  12. massacre of the innocents

  13. If everyone, including women, looks like Putin, then this is Jan van Eyck.
  14. Portrait of four arnolfini

  15. If the picture you see a lot of people, but it looks like madness - it's Bosch.
  16. Behemoth

  17. If everyone is like a vagabond, lit only by a street lamp - then this is a rembrandt.
  18. Self-portrait rembrandt

  19. If the picture is cupids (or they fit perfectly there) - it's a bush.
  20. Jupiter and Callisto

  21. If all beautiful, naked and well-built - it's Michelangelo.
  22. Terrible court

  23. If you see the dancers, this is dega.
  24. Dega

  25. If everything is very contrasting and sharp and everyone has emaciated bearded faces - this is El Greco.
  26. El Greco

  27. If you see a woman with one eyebrow - it's fried kalo.
  28. A riot of flowers, but no people - a monster.
  29. Monster

  30. Again a riot of flowers, but already with a lot of happy people - a Renoir.
  31. Renoir

  32. Riot of flowers and unhappy people - mane.
  33. Mana

  34. If you see landscapes from the lord of the rings and a woman with curls - this is da Vinci.
  35. Da vinci

Everything should be treated with Humor And art is no exception. Knowing these simple secrets, you can flash your knowledge of great artists in front of your friends!

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