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Child's bed

That the child grew up as a harmonious person, heMust be improved in all directions. It is very important to develop an uncontrollable childhood fantasy from a small age, because it has a very good effect on the ability of a small person to learn new knowledge, to learn new actions. Now many modern toys, developing Creative skills In toddlers.

But it is better than any toy creativity develops interior!! Especially - such a lovely cot in the form of a locomotive. Boys will be very happy with such a hilarious subject of furniture, and the girls too. How can this not like?

How to make a steam locomotive


  1. Making a wooden frame is quite simple. Using brackets, nails and glue, you will easily connect the parts to the bed base.
  2. Wooden frame

  3. It is important to make a round partCorrect measurements. The diameter of the circle should be the same in size as the wide side of the bed base. To leave two even round parts, first connect them with bolts, and then cut out the circle. Will be perfect!
    Round bed

  4. So that the bed is strong, set across the sticks forming the frame. Secure them securely.
  5. Wooden frame

  6. Scrape together the parts of the crib using the bolts. The figure shows the locations of the anchorages.
  7. Bed frame

  8. So as not to miscalculate with the size and arrangement of the windows, cut out these details first from the cardboard. If it worked out well, then make the same of wood and attach them with bolts to the sides of the bed.
  9. Bed frame

  10. When the windows are ready, fixing the roof is no problem.
  11. Bed frame

  12. So that the child does not get hurt on the projecting parts of the bolts, cut them off and ground them.
  13. Bed frame

  14. Time to attach the back wall of small boards.
  15. In the end, work on small details that serve as decor elements.
  16. Bed frame

    Bed frame

  17. For children's furniture recommend acrylic paint on a water basis. It is completely harmless, odorless. Left to decorate a miracle, a train ...
  18. Carcass painting

    Carcass painting


  19. The child is beside herself with happiness, such a crib is the limit of dreams. In it you can and sleep, seeing fairy-tale dreams, and play enough. But it looks like all guests-friends will be envious!
  20. Cot





In order to make such a miracle bed, you do not need to be a joiner. Only want Make your child happy, Patience and accuracy. Such a crib will be a family pride and a local attraction. For the positive emotions of close people it is worth trying!

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