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Dress of a sweater

Any girl in the bar has an old pullover, Which does not rise the hand to throw. Maybe you like his color or texture, and maybe he has pleasant memories ... in any case, this thing is very nice, although it is useless - often sweaters change shape, they are wiped in certain places, they can not be worn.

"so simple!" Offers you a great way with which you'll get warm instead of an old and inconspicuous sweater Knitted dress. how? There is nothing surprising, see the simple instructions below.

How to make a dress from a sweater

Dress of sweater

  1. Cut off your sleeves.
  2. Dress of sweater

  3. Cut out of the sleeves such strips on the side.
  4. Dress of sweater

  5. Cut the sweater part as it is in the picture. It will be a pattern for the dress.
  6. Dress of sweater

  7. Small strips, cut from the remains of a sweater, will serve as a belt at the waist.
  8. Dress of sweater

  9. Slices of the neck.
  10. Dress of sweater

  11. Patches on the sleeves look original and solve the problem of worn, stretched elbows on the sleeves.
  12. Dress of sweater

Unique dress - it's ready!

Here's how you can Remake Old sweater beyond recognition. You can be sure that no one else will have such a dress! Will get an original thing that emphasizes your personal style.

And if you do it all Own hands - the price of this dress will not be, it will be your favorite and will bring good luck. It is so important to wear suitable clothes, one in which you feel confident and attractive.

Before you start looking for an old sweater and take scissors, send this magic guide to your friends! The sweater turns into a dress, and the girls become more cheerful - real magic.