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Phrases to avoid

Often we do not think about how a person can react to a particular phrase, completely forgetting about his feelings. All people think differently!

It means that your interlocutor can incorrectly perceive an absolutely innocuous phrase. So as not to push people away from yourself, try Avoid phrases, Which are listed below.

Phrases that are not worth talking about in appearance

  1. do not say: "You look tired".
    why: This implies that a person does not look good.
    Say: "are you all right?"
  2. do not say: "Oh, you threw a whole ton a kilogram!"
    why: She might think that before that she was not at all attractive.
    Say: "You look fantastic!" And you can add "What's your secret?"
  3. do not say: "For your age you look good."
    why: It sounds really rude.
    Say: "You look beautiful".
  4. do not say: "I would never wear this."
    why: This can be interpreted as criticism.
    Say: "You look good in these jeans!" Or "I would never have been able to wear it because I do not have your long legs."

Ear and lips

That you should not tell a lonely person

  1. do not say: "You were too good for him."
    why: You say that this person has a bad taste.
    Say: "This is his loss!"
  2. do not say: "I'm glad that you got rid of him, he never liked me."
    why: Now she will think that you are deceiving her, if before, her former one liked you.
    Say: "I'm sure you'll find someone you need."
  3. do not say: "How can such an ideal girl still be lonely?"
    why: A very dubious compliment, it can sound like "what is wrong with you?"
    Say: "Are you currently dating someone?"

That you can not talk about pregnancy or about children

  1. do not say: "you are pregnant?"
    why: You will be very uncomfortable if you ask this question, and she is not pregnant. It will be a terrible remark about the excess weight of the girl.
    Say: It's better to just ask how the person does.
  2. do not say: "Will you breastfeed?"
    why: Perhaps your interlocutor does not want to discuss this issue in public.
    Say: If you are not very close, it is better not to ask about it at all. Ask her about what she is preparing for dinner tonight.

What should be avoided in quarrels with your lover or sweetheart

  1. do not say: "You are always ...", "you never ...".
    why: Do not hang a label and do not make your partner guilty of all mortal sins. He will remember it.
    Say: "I'm upset that you are again ... what can we do to prevent this from happening again?"
  2. do not say: "If you really loved me, you would ..."
    why: Do not try to manipulate your partner with such phrases. This is a bad foundation for a good relationship.
    Say: "I would feel better if you ..."

Use these helpful tips to avoid alienating your friends. People like tolerant and delicate interlocutors.

Tell your friends which Dangerous phrases It is better to avoid talking.