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The effect of spices on the character

A world of spices full of spicy flavors and brightColors, conceals a lot of secrets. Except that spices improve food, changing its taste, smell and even color, they are biologically active substances. Spices affect the metabolism, On the features of the endocrine system, can facilitate the work of certain organs - for example, the gallbladder, the liver.

This is well-known facts. Surprisingly different - it turns out, spices affect the mood of a person! They change behavior and psychological reactions. Read the information - it will help you choose only the right ones that suit you. Spices.

Spices and emotions

Spices on the table

  1. asafoetida
    If it is used for food, in your characterThere will be more tenderness, tranquility. Asafoetida will help normalize relations with close relatives. Spice is very useful for the skin, smooths wrinkles.
  2. ginger
    This spice will give you the ability to resistDifficulties. Ginger makes it possible to be all day in an alert state, relieves fatigue after physical and mental stress, stress. If you do not have enough dedication, courage, determination, ginger is what you need.
  3. turmeric
    A wonderful yellow-orange turmeric develops in the person thoroughness, a sober assessment of the situation, calmness in solving problems. It stabilizes the psyche, helps to withstand stress.
  4. Chile
    Sharp chili will help you get rid of fuss, rudeness, thoughtless actions. You can easily find mutual understanding with people who previously seemed completely alien to you.
  5. nutmeg
    Nutmeg develops determination inOvercoming difficulties. Free time will appear from the faster and more active rhythm of life, nutmeg is a good natural stimulant. Focus on something important will cease to be a problem for you.
  6. coriander
    Improves resistance to negative manifestationsSurrounding reality. Consumption in a small amount will give an opportunity to transfer brazen, rude, irritable people. Should be taken for food to people who work in severe moral and psychological conditions.
  7. Cumin
    This spice allows you to be more independent, set the correct mode of the day. It brings the body and spirit into tone, so that you will do everything twice as fast.
  8. fennel
    Fennel remarkably relieves oppressive fatigue, you will become more flexible to perceive the world around you.
  9. fenugreek
    This spice increases the softness in the character,The relations with people become warmer. You will become kind, gentle, calm, balanced, easy-going. Shamballa helps to improve family relationships, to remove excessive overexcitation in children.
  10. Mustard black
    If you do not know how to rest, then mustard will teach youYou this. Eating this spice, you will learn to relax, you will know your inner world better. Helps those who learn to meditate and look at life consciously.
  11. cardamom
    Cardamom gives the character the ability to forgive the offender. Excess purchases will cease to be a threat to your budget - cardamom teaches you to save and not buy what you do not need.
  12. curry
    If you are used to all doubting, do not trust people, then this spice will help you become more open, sincere person.
  13. Calincia
    Kalindzhi - spice, which makes the world look more optimistic, bright. If you tend to fall into despair, use it for food.

Now you know about these incredibly Useful properties of spices. Think about what you would like to change in yourself, andChoose the appropriate seasoning. Ginger approaches or suits me, it is no wonder, that I intuitively last time I buy it or him. and what do you like? Tell in the comments, share the experience of their relationship with spices.

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