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What do the badges on the tags mean?

Admit, you have often thought about what manufacturers are sewing to clothes stupid Tags, Which only tingle in the neck, rustle, hinderAnd annoying. Moreover, not all pay special attention to what is actually written on these labels. Because the information indicated there, at first glance is not clear.

But that the thing has served you for a long time and had, as they say, a "commercial look", you still would not hurt to get accustomed to Care rulesIndicated on the product labels. So what do these obscure icons mean? Remember and take a note!

What are the badges on the tags

Badges on clothes tags

  1. The product can be washed.
  2. The product is not washable.
  3. Only hand washing is allowed. The most suitable temperature is 30 ° c-40 ° c. Do not rub, do not wring.
  4. Manual or machine wash. The maximum water temperature is 30 ° C.
  5. Manual or machine wash. The maximum water temperature is 30 ° C. Do not rinse. Do not subject the product to strong machining. When spinning in a washing machine - slow centrifuge mode.
  6. Especially delicate washing at a temperature of water up to 30 ° c in a lot of water. Minimal mechanical treatment, rinse quickly, at low revs.
  7. Washing with chlorine bleach only in cold water is acceptable. Carefully make sure that the powder is completely dissolved.
  8. It is unacceptable to use bleach and chlorine-containing products.
  9. Ironing is allowed.
  10. Iron at a given temperature (maximum - 110 ° c). Iron better through the fabric, not using steam.
  11. The maximum permissible temperature for ironing is 150 ° C. Iron through a damp cloth.
  12. Allowed to make ironing at a maximum temperature of 200 ° c. You can slightly moisten the product.
  13. Only dry cleaning is allowed (dry cleaning).
  14. During the dry cleaning, any solvent can be used.
  15. Dry cleaning only with the use of hydrocarbon, chlorine ethylene, monoflorotrichloromethane.
  16. Dry cleaning on the basis of special solvents: hydrocarbon and trifluorotrichloromethane.
  17. Limited water addition is allowed. Gentle cleaning.
  18. Gentle cleaning with limited addition of water using special solvents: hydrocarbon and trifluorotrichloromethane.
  19. Sparing and drying in a washing machine or electric dryer.
  20. Do not squeeze or dry the product in a washing machine.
  21. Can be dried at low temperature.
  22. Can be dried at medium temperature.
  23. After pressing, vertical drying (on a rope) is used.
  24. Do not use spin drying.
  25. Dry on a horizontal surface.

It turns out that these tags are not as useless as you thought. Now you can Take care of things properly. Do you want the things of your friends to look like new ones and have served them for years?

Tell them about this personal discovery - your friends will be grateful to you!