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Techniques for good photography

Photography is one of the most entertaining kinds of art. When you take pictures, you have a chance to take part in the process of giving and get pleasure from creativity. And yet - get Great pictures.

Thanks to these 10 tips, you will always be Good to go to the photo. So, go for the perfect frames!

How to be photographed correctly

  1. Add colors
    Color parts can transform even very muchBoring photo. Such shots happen, when the tired person is photographed. If you're a girl, add color shine and shadows to the image. If you are a guy - a color tie, a handkerchief, a rim of glasses. All this plays in favor of a good photo. Juicy, pleasant shades - this is important!
  2. Correct photo

  3. Correct background
    Make sure that you are photographed on the correct background that suits you. It must be contrast, that is, differ from the color of hair and clothing. Nothing should be distracting from the model.
  4. Correct photo

  5. Play with props
    Than to take your hands when you take pictures? Very often awkwardly folded hands spoil the frame, giving out the staging of the image. But you should not immediately cuddle with a number of standing person, it is not always appropriate!
  6. Correct photo

  7. Choose your view
    When you look straight at the camera, the face is more oftenLooks plump. Changing the angle of the face, you change the photo. You can always choose the right angle - you just need to practice a little before the mirror.
  8. Correct photo

  9. Do not forget about the neck
    So that the face looks more refined, stretch the chin a little forward, while pulling the shoulders back and down. So no double chin will be seen, the face will be more open.
  10. Correct photo

  11. Thin hands
    Keeping hands slightly divorced in the sides, you make them thinner, because the muscles in this situation are straining.
  12. Correct photo

  13. slender body
    So that the body seemed slimmer, it should alsoBe at an angle from the camera, like the face. Because cross your legs when you are in the frame, carry the weight of the body to one of the legs. So you will look more profitable.
  14. Correct photo

  15. Cross the ankles
    Crossing the ankles, you change your appearance: the hips become narrower, legs extend. Crossed ankles also look very well in a sitting posture.
  16. Correct photo

  17. Laugh heartily
    Even if the laughter is faked, a photo whereA man laughs, almost always successful. No matter how you feel at the time of laughter on the camera, then you'll look at the picture and wonder how well it turned out.
  18. Correct photo

  19. Impeccable salfi
    To make the right self, buy a special retractable device for this - self-stick. It allows you to make breathtaking shots.
  20. Correct photo

If you use these tricks, yoursPhotos will always be wonderful. Not all people are born models, but knowing certain secrets, one can achieve good results. Do not forget that it is very important to choose the right pose for photography. Put a little effort - and everything will turn out!

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