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How to lose weight without dieting

In 2001 I weighed over 180 kilograms. By that time I had tried a lot of diets For weight loss. All of them passed approximately equally - at meThere was a long list of food that could not be eaten. I followed all the instructions and lost some weight, which cost me tremendous effort, endurance and endless self-control.

But sooner or later there came a time when I did notStood and broke. I almost immediately recruited all the weight that I threw off, and a couple of weeks weighed even a couple of kilograms more than before the diet. In the period from 1990 to 2001, I again and again lost 5 kg, and then dialed 7, until I began to weigh 185 kg.

Then came the turning point. On September 11, I accidentally missed the flight ual 93 (as a result of the plane crash, all the passengers were killed). After this incident it began to seem to me that I was living on borrowed time. Here I am, I kill myself with a hated work on a wave street, which besides Stress Does not bring anything into my life, and the universe has just given me a second chance.

So, I decided to leave forever behindRoller coaster diets and never again to return to them. Instead, I was going to figure out why my body makes me gain so much weight. I wanted to understand how to make it again want to be slim.

Armed with a solid arsenal of knowledge from the category of biochemistry, which I received at the University of Pennsylvania, I spent 12 hours a day, learning everything that could be about Hormones, Enzymes and neurotransmitters, which provoke weight gain.

I learned that in order to lose weight, you do not need to count calories, and To adjust the hormonal background Organism. Since stress and emotional factors cause disorders in hormones, it is worth looking at this process from the point of view of the soul-body. Approach should be holistic, affecting Psychological and emotional state In the same way as what we eat.

For two and a half years I without diet dropped 100 kg. I had the same weight for the next 10 years, while I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted.

How I lost weight

  1. Stopped eating on a diet and began to feed his body.
    Thanks to my research, I realized that myThe body constantly critically lacked some specific nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, live foods and high-quality proteins. I tried to fill them with my daily diet.

    But if I felt that I wanted to eat pizza,Candy or chips, I did it without hesitation. In the end, my body lost interest in harmful food and began to prefer a useful rich in vitamins and minerals food.

  2. Healed digestion.
    One of the reasons for the lack of nutrientsWas that I had digestion problems. So everything useful that was in the products simply was not digested. Problems with digestion often cause the body to work in the "accumulation" mode.

    To normalize the process of nutrition, I began to use fermented and cultured foods, as well as probiotics and digestive enzymes.

  3. Has acquired a respirator for sleep apnea.
    Sleep apnea is a condition that often occurs inPeople with excess weight. It creates a hormonal background in the body that stimulates weight gain, causing an elevated level of cortisol, which leads to an unhealthy craving for Harmful food And insulin resistance.

    For the treatment of sleep apnea, you can use a special respirator. He blows air in the nose and mouth, opening the trachea so that you can easily sleep through the night. Most people who suffer Sleep apnea, Do not even know about their problem. Although, this is probably known to those with whom they live, since they are bored by very loud snoring at night.

    It turned out that I had a very serious case of apneaSleep, and when I started using the respirator at night, I began to feel more alert during the day. I stopped pulling to harmful food, and the weight began to gradually leave.

  4. Started using practices for the body and soul to reduce stress.
    As well as sleep apnea, stress leads to an increase in the level of cortisol and hormones that cause the body to accumulate fat, so it is very important to learn to reduce stress levels. I started studying Meditations And visualizations every morning. After some time he noticed striking changes.
  5. Made his life more measured and stable.
    I reduced the waste, moved to a smaller apartment andBegan to grow vegetables and fruits near the house. So I felt more confident and calm. I liked that at any moment I can go and eat something fresh and useful from my mini-garden. Stress no longer turned me into a store of fat.
  6. Worked on emotional problems.
    Some people feel moreSafety when there is a lot of fat on their body. The subconscious uses excess weight as a pillow to protect against the world. Visualization practices helped me deal with past injuries and make the body feel comfortable without armor in the form of extra pounds.
  7. Spent detoxification.
    When I dropped 80 kg, I began to look for information aboutToxins and how the human body copes with them. It turned out that toxins are placed in fat cells. I realized that for most of my life my body served as a repository for a huge number of toxins sealed in fats.

    To correct the situation, I introduced into my regime a constant use Alkaline liquids, Such as water with lemon juice or appleVinegar, green juices, lots of greens, salads and shoots. Thanks to this, the last 20 kg I lost much more easily than the first 20. so I quickly got rid of all the remaining excess weight for that moment.

  8. A thin man

Using An integrated approach to losing weight, Where you take into account the soul and body, you probablyYou will achieve unprecedented progress without useless diets and exhausting physical exertion. Weight will no longer return back, as with diets, and your life will become more full and full.

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