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Types of obesity

Obesity is one of the most commonExchange diseases. The metabolic disorder provokes a lot of other ailments, so even at an early stage of this disease it is necessary to draw up an action plan "How to deal with obesity".

Do not rush to extremes and exhaust yourself with the strictest Diets. To start, consider that there are several types of obesity and to fight with each of them is worth it in a special way. "so simple!" Will help you find the cause of extra centimeters, but work on yourself is your job!

Types of obesity

Types of obesity

  1. Obesity throughout the body
    Fat deposits throughout the body indicate that a person likes to eat well. binge eating Many people who simply do notCan stop before a delicious meal. The result is obvious, or rather - the whole body! It is necessary to revise your diet and reduce portions of consumed meals. But it will help in this all the familiar trick - two glasses of water 30 minutes before eating.

    Nothing can be done, but the black list should beCarry sweets, flour products and very fatty foods. With time, proper nutrition and at least a little exercise will bring joyful results!

  2. Tummy
    The "nervous" tummy is formed due to constant seizing of stress, depression and anxiety. In this case it is necessary to find peace of mind. Take up spiritual practices, read more, walk - do what brings joy and pleasure. Believe me, small problems in life should not be reflected in your happy state!
  3. Gluten
    Excess in the hips says that you have Hormonal imbalance Or menopause. You need to restart your metabolism, so move more and forget about bad habits.
  4. Atherogenic metabolic imbalance
    As a rule, with this type of obesity fatAccumulates in the abdominal cavity, which can also lead to problems with breathing. How to get rid of an unnecessary abdomen? Nothing special: more movement and less harmful food.
  5. Obesity of venous canals
    This type of obesity is inherited genetically, but thisDoes not mean that the problem should be looked at through the fingers. If fat accumulates in the legs, then a strong load is required on this part of the body. Start with a small - love a ladder. Yes, the elevator is a cunning enemy of health!
  6. Obesity from inactivity
    Almost everyone who did not represent theirLife without regular physical exertion, and now leads a sedentary lifestyle, suffering from this type of obesity. To begin with, you must at least reconsider your diet. Give up your favorite biscuits and sweets, fall in love with vegetables and fruits! But sports? Review your schedule and be sure to take the time to exercise, without which you could not have lived in the past for a day. After a while you will notice that you are again in shape!

As you see, with every type of obesity it is necessaryExclude harmful food and regularly engage in at least a small exercise. This is an axiom that you can not challenge ... we wish you always be in good shape and feel great! Do not be stiff of yourself by rigid diets, but simply follow the simple laws of proper nutrition and Active way of life. And most importantly - love your body!

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