/ How to compactly fold a suitcase

How to compactly fold the suitcase

Suitcase packing For travel Often becomes an almost impossible mission. It is very difficult to take with you all the necessary things, because different jars and boxes never fit.

These tips will help you Save suitcase space And put there all the things you need for a trip.

How to pack a suitcase

  1. In ordinary straws you can store cosmetics.
  2. Cosmetics in straws

  3. In old containers from lipsticks you can put money or jewelry.
  4. Lipstick Containers

  5. Use an old case from sunglasses as a container for the charge and headphones.
  6. Headphones in a case

  7. Use the clamp to protect the blade of your razor.
  8. Razor clip

  9. Another option is to use a conventional clamp.
  10. Headphone clip

  11. Potholier for pots perfectly suited as a cover for curling.
  12. Crockery

  13. Soak the soap in a towel.
  14. Towel and scissors

  15. Do not buy a small tube of paste every time. It can simply be refilled.
  16. Tubes of toothpaste

  17. Or fill the toothpaste with an old tube from the drops for the eyes.
  18. eye drops

  19. Put the cotton wheels in a box with powder or rouge.
  20. Cotton wheels

  21. Pour in an old container for a lens foundation and face cream.
  22. Container for foundation

  23. Do not worry, if you forgot to charge, the TV in the hotel, most likely, will be usb-out.
  24. TV

  25. A box for soap can be used as a cover for the camera.
  26. camera

  27. That's what you can do to make jewelry and jewelry not confused.
  28. Storage of jewelry

    Storage of jewelry

  29. Put your shoes in the shower cap.
  30. Slippers in a shower cap

  31. In the empty boxes of drugs can put earwax.
  32. Ear wand

  33. So that the shampoo does not spill, wrap it in a film.
  34. Shampoo storage

  35. Or stuck tape.
  36. Scotch on the bottle

  37. For the pegs is perfect for a box of teak taka.
  38. Hair clips in a box

  39. Twist your pants, so they will take up less space.
  40. Twist of pants

  41. Put the twisted strap in the collar to keep it in shape.
  42. Strap in the collar

  43. Fold your jacket inside out, so he will not crash.
  44. Jacket inside out

These 22 tips will help you To fold a suitcase Compactly and rationally distribute the place in it. You will not lose small things, because each of them will have its own small container.

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