/ The Secret of Strong Relationships

The secret of a strong relationship

Love is an exciting feeling. You spend a lot of time together, enjoying each other's company and doing what's pleasing to both of you. But that this fragile, tender state grow into something more meaningful, into true love - two people need to be friends. Only in this case the connection will be really strong, because love, supported by friendship and understanding, is the perfect degree of human relations.

Friendship is very important for Harmonious family relations. This is how it happens when people not only love each other, but also really are friends!

How to build an ideal relationship

  1. This person takes you with all your features
    He is interested in your life and touches yoursIndividual qualities. This is an excellent foundation for building a trusting relationship, you feel the selfless love of an expensive person, and you want to always reciprocate with him.
  2. You are comfortable with him
    Even if you are without makeup and in pajamas - next to him you feel loved and unique. A friend will never judge your appearance, he is happy with you in any condition. As well as you to him.
  3. You are close at home
    There is never a problem - who pays for someThings, you divide everything for two - money, duties, problems and joys. It is possible, when the souls of people are related, when you know how to be friends - any awkwardness evaporates. You always agree.
  4. He will always listen to you
    No one will listen any more with such interest and attention that you have had during the day. You know how to hear and listen to each other, and this skill is the most valuable treasure in the world!
  5. You have a common sense of humor
    You will always find something to laugh at,The accumulated jokes may be incomprehensible to others, but for you it is a unique language of communication. Such freedom of expression of their thoughts and unrestrained fun only gives friendship.
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  7. You can chat for hours
    You will always find something to talk about and be quiet.
  8. You do not get angry at little things with each other
    Small quarrels are at everyone, but for you they are notHave such huge value - in comparison with that affinity which is present at your union, any trifles and insults do not have sense. You quickly make peace and easily forgive each other, thanks to the friendly relations.
  9. He appreciates you, and you - his
    Each of you is very important to each other, you feel it. Because respect is part of your relationship, and due to respect, you can overcome any adversity together.
  10. You develop each other
    The valuable advice that you give to each other helps you to get better. Common hobbies connect you and make life more interesting. To develop together is a guarantee of harmonious relations!
  11. He sympathizes with you
    In any situation - when you're sick, when youSadly - this man shares everything for two, empathizing with you, helping and supporting. This is exactly what happens between two people who are really friends.
  12. You can tell him anything
    And you can be sure that in the future it will not beUsed against you - only understanding you will receive in return. How wonderful, when there is someone next to whom you can share your thoughts without fear!
  13. You know how to have fun
    Your joint pastime is always diverse, because you know how to enjoy life together. You will never be bored with each other!
  14. He can calm you down in any situation
    Favorite person who always acts on youSoothing - a sincere friend. He knows what worries you, what causes your anxiety, and will never intentionally do such things. And if you are nervous on some occasion - it will protect you from any fears and feelings.

Love is beautiful in itself, this is the highest feeling. But if it is backed by friendship - you can be sure that your union is strong indeed. If you decide to get married, no Threats of marriage Do not break your connection. Love ceases to be a selfish state, when friendship arises in it, it grows into an unselfish desire to make each other's life better.

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