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23 rules of the gentleman

Women are often surprised - why Male behavior Not always worthy. How can he behave this way? And there is nothing to be surprised at: the current mass culture only encourages ill-bred and insolent men, the norms of behavior adopted today would terrify people just some thirty years ago.

Many will say that this time has gone forever, and A gentleman Now in the afternoon with fire you will not find. Let's change it together! Men need to think about the fact that noble and educated behavior is always in fashion. If you behave as described below, the women will be lining up in queues to get some of your precious attention.

And women should understand that allowing their men to behave Horrible - a bearish service to itself. Be able to guide your man so that he is always on top!

Rules of the gentleman's behavior

  1. The gentleman opens the door for the lady
    The opening of the door is not a gesture of indulgence, butCourtesy and respect. Passing the lady forward, you can always admire the way she looks behind! It is also important to open the door in the car - it's also a great opportunity to control a woman who can slam the door of your favorite car too much.
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  3. The gentleman chooses a path by the side of the road
    When a man walks along the sidewalk and takes a position by the side of the road, he protects the woman from swiftly sweeping cars, from debris and splashing water from puddles.
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  5. Gentleman keeps track of the amount of alcohol
    This is one of the first items that followsRemember to avoid embarrassing situations. A man controls what and how much a woman drinks next to him - he keeps the balance between an empty glass and the desire for a fine half to drink more than just necessary for a good mood.
  6. The gentleman shares his outer clothing
    In the cold, wind, rain and snow, a man always has a thing ready that can be removed from himself and offered to the woman as a rescue from the weather. very romantic…
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  8. The gentleman is punctual
    There are no excuses for being late, that's all. Must come in time and women and men. Perhaps there is somewhere an ideal parallel world where this is happening.
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  10. Gentleman is not lazy to get up
    When a woman comes into the room, a man gets up, and it is possible and not in full growth. This sign of respect is easy to draw attention to yourself any girl.
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  12. The gentleman compliments
    It is not necessary for a man to speak grandiloquent language - the main thing is that it should be sincere!
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  14. The gentleman helps the lady to sit down
    The man pushes the chair for the woman, gently holds it when she sits down.
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  16. The gentleman gives way
    A man rises from his native place everywhere andAlways - in the metro, on the bus, anywhere. It's not difficult, but how much does this kind of action mean! Giving way, the man shows love to his neighbors and his noble nature at the same time.
  17. Gentleman helps a woman to cope with a coat
    The man helps to remove and put on the outer clothing of a woman. So he shows his concern and strength.
  18. Real gentleman

  19. Gentleman does not forget to say "thank you" and "please"
    Words of politeness are magical, every man remembers it and uses them appropriately.
  20. The gentleman behaves like a table
    Speak with a full mouth, champing and laying aside a knife where one can not do without it - this will not do any self-respecting man. Right, right?
  21. Real gentleman

  22. The gentleman is never rude
    No barman, no maintenance staff, no salesperson, no conductor - no one and never. And not in the presence of a lady. Well, or can do it, but then he will turn from a man into an ass and a snob.
  23. The gentleman pays
    For men to pay for dinner - naturally. Once again to show his lady and all around their financial well-being, no one will refuse!
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  25. The gentleman is seeing off
    Lifhak: escorting a woman to the door of her house, a man can be 100% sure that she went there exactly.
  26. Real gentleman

  27. The gentleman listens
    Participating in a conversation, a man speaks and listensSimultaneously, never interrupts the interlocutor, is attentive to other people's words. The ability to listen has other people to you, it's a secret that makes you very easy to make new acquaintances, including with women.
  28. Real gentleman

  29. The gentleman is responsible for his words
    A man knows how to keep secrets and not talk too much. The educated man thinks before he says anything, let alone promises, and always fulfills the promised.
  30. A gentleman will never be rude to a woman
    A man will not assert himself at the expense of a woman - he will never be rude, and, especially, raise a hand on a woman. This is not discussed.
  31. The gentleman takes the initiative
    Man has a certain ingenuity and his task is to teach non-standard solutions to a woman. A man can save any situation, and be proud of it.
  32. Real gentleman

  33. The gentleman draws attention to details
    A man always knows what size a woman hasLegs, which ring will suit her, her favorite color ... he is attentive to the little things, because he knows how it is necessary for a woman's happiness - to feel his sincere care.
  34. Real gentleman

  35. The gentleman respects his family
    Before making serious decisions about the woman, he will show it to his family. A man who loves and respects his relatives, will also treat his wife.
  36. The gentleman is the possessor of the golden hands
    Repair a broken thing, organize an order in the house, come up with a new small invention to improve everyday life - all this can be a man.
  37. Real gentleman

  38. Gentleman knows how to love
    A man knows how to truly love and is not ashamed of his feelings. He knows how to express in simple words what is happening in his soul, and is not afraid to appear sentimental.
  39. Real gentleman

If you're lucky enough to be born Man, Take advantage of all the advantages of your position- be a gentleman. Your noble behavior will not go unnoticed, and you will achieve success in all spheres of life. It is only necessary to try to behave, according to this Etiquette, And everything will change! Dare.

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