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Travel before marriage

Of course, you love each other. But did you spend a significant amount of time in an unfamiliar place with your mate? Does not your partner get on your nerves when everything is not very smooth?
The problem of most modern marriages is haste. And it's not that people do not meet for long, but that they do not know each other well.

journey - a great way to "reveal" your soul mate and understand if you are ready to live with this person all your life. why? let's watch…

Why travel before the wedding?

  1. In travel, the best qualities of a person often appear. And the worst, too.
    It is difficult to say why it happens. Perhaps because we feel a little unprotected in the new environment and concentrate more on ourselves than on our partner. Or we are too excited about what is happening, this can have a positive or negative effect on our relations.

    Problems that the houses seemed small orAlready solved, on a trip can surf hundredfold. At the same time, in a new environment, you can feel again how much you love your soul mate.

  2. If you are going to get married, then you should be ready to sacrifice your own comfort zone for each other's sake.
    Naturally, you will experience someDiscomfort in the journey: many new people around, alien culture, unfamiliar food and other factors. You both have to think and act differently from home.

    But such chances to expand their zoneComfort is what makes our life beautiful. Sometimes it is not so easy, but in fact the joint overcoming of difficulties so brings lovers together!

  3. Travel will help you get to know each other better.
    Perhaps you think you know everything about yourThe other half, but I have bad news for you. If it is really so - your marriage will not last long. The reason is that it's not that your passion has nothing to show. Rather, the fact is that you already consider your partner to be boring enough to study it further.

    Traveling helps loversAbstract from everyday worries and concentrate on each other. If you spent together in foreign lands for about a month and returned home happy and happy - this is a good sign.

  4. You will learn how your partner behaves in unforeseen situations.
    If your half forgot to take any things,Lost something during the trip or was unwell - observe how she behaves in unforeseen situations. It is good if a person can pull himself together and calmly cope with difficulties. But if any unpleasant little thing ends with hysteria - think about it, because you plan to connect your life with it.
  5. In the journey you will understand how independent your half is.
    It is on a trip that you will see if yourPartner take care of yourself. Is forced to upset the girls who are hoping to be at the full content of their guys: such a prospect will be few people happy. Keepers are now very few people need.

happy couple

As you can see, traveling is a great way to understand how a person will behave in Family life. You will learn more about the habits of your half and how she behaves under different circumstances. If you are going to bind your life - that's what you need, is not it?

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