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Anxiety is a sign of intelligence

Love worry In occasion of and without an occasion? You always scroll through the past, thinking about it and analyzing it? Do you know how to get something wrong from scratch? Oh, and it's hard for you to live ...

But one fact can make you very happy - your emotions are natural and are explained very easily. The fact is that the ability to worry, worry more than any measure - A sign of high intelligence. An unexpected fact, is not it?


Anxiety is a sign of intelligence

According to studies conducted among university students in Ontario, there is a strong link between Mental abilities Man and his craving for anxiety. Those students who had high rates in their studies admitted that they always worried about something, how much they remembered themselves.

Of course, you can write off this strange property and for other reasons - for example, it is known that Lack of sleep Also causes anxiety, deprives me of peace. But scientists have found an explanation of how the intellect is concerned with anxiety.

Intellectually developed people are able to consider past and future events in more detail. This leads to more intense thinking about different details. Smart people are capable of analyze Unconsciously a lot of nonverbal signs coming from the interlocutor.

it happens unconsciously, But after a while makes itself felt compulsive restless thoughts, when the brain caught some discrepancies between the received verbal and nonverbal information. Interesting, right?

What can be useful for drawing conclusions from this? Think, do you want to worry all the time. If you are quite arranges This condition, it is familiar and does not cause discomfort - it's wonderful.

If you are tired by eternal anxiety and anxiety, you should learn how to stop Internal dialogue. It's very easy to do it - listen to yourself. As soon as you catch yourself thinking that you continue to think about and analyze some events, to look for something that is alarming ... stop it immediately!

Learn to think only when it is necessary to solve a certain Problem, Use your resources rationally. Sucking mentally passed events, you risk overshadowing even the best moments and settle in your soul of anxiety, fears, phobias and anxiety. Who needs it? Control your thoughts, and you will feel much happier.

Sorrow from the mind You absolutely do not need it! Let it be light and calm in your soul, and superfluous thoughts never upset you. Tell everyone you feel this article.