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How to whip the proteins

Whipped protein - very beautiful decoration Any goodies and an important element of many dishes. For example, all your favorite meringue cake will not work if you beat up the protein is not good enough. It is not always possible to achieve that the cream is fluffy, light and dense at the same time.

But now you will learn the way how everything is for 7 minutes Make the whipped egg white of your dreams! It will look like you've been shaving it for seven hours.

How to whip the protein

You will need

  • mixer
  • pan
  • Whipping bowl
  • egg white
  • sugar


  1. Pour water into the pan, let it boil. Place the squirrels in a bowl and install it on this steam bath.
  2. Take a towel to keep it comfortableA hot pot and a bowl. Gently whisk the proteins with sugar until it melts, and the protein does not warm up to the desired temperature. Do this for about 2 minutes. The protein should not become too hot, because it can curdle.
  3. Take the bowl off the fire and whisk the protein with a mixer for 7 minutes. You will be surprised by the result - the cream will turn out very lush, it will increase in volume approximately three times!

Whipped egg white

now you know secret Perfect whipped protein. Try to cook it with this technology, and you will understand that before you could not get such a wonderful cream. Your dishes will be even more attractive in appearance and very tasty!

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