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9 kitchen tricks

No one is immune from Mistakes in the kitchen, Even the most experienced hostess. Sometimes you can spoil the appearance and taste of the dish with some kind of trifle, greatly upset at the same time.

So that there are fewer such situations, you have a great chance to replenish your knowledge in the field of Cooking. These techniques will help you avoid annoying mistakes and prepare dishes in the best possible way! Remember and enjoy with pleasure.

Kitchen tricks

  1. Cook pasta In a small saucepan is appropriate only if youCook a very small amount, per person. In other cases, in order to make the dish perfect, take a large pan - just like Italian grannies do. In it the pasta is cooked evenly and will not be sticky. Be sure to salt the boiling water before throwing pasta there.
    How to cook pasta
  2. Use the knives correctly, Knowing their species. A wide chef's knife is wonderfully suitable for shredding vegetables and cutting meat, a narrow knife - for thorough cleaning of vegetables, removing small parts, such as eyes on a potato. A knife with notches is ideal for bread and rolls, butter.
    How to use knives
  3. Using Small kitchen, You make a mistake. You often have to pour the sliced ​​ingredients, small pieces fall, not only on the table, but on the floor ... to save time and effort when cutting different ingredients for dishes you will help the board more. Why, what do you think? All is logical - for cutting vegetables, meat and greens, a large knife is needed, as mentioned above. And for a large knife fit board of the same size.
    Onion cutting
  4. Stop storing tomatoes in the fridge! Do it not worth it, because loved by everyoneThe vegetable loses its taste qualities due to temperature changes, it becomes quite different in consistency. It is best to store the tomatoes in a paper bag, or spread them in one layer in some cardboard box. Tomatoes can be stored for about 5 days, depending on the degree of maturity.
    Tomatoes in the fridge
  5. In no case do not put Knives in the dishwasher!! From the heat they become blunt, the blade is very much spoiled. To prolong the service time of a good knife, wipe it dry after use and washing, store in a dry place.
    Knives in the dishwasher
  6. So that fried food It turned out to be perfect in appearance and taste, it neededCook in large dishes. Do this to ensure that the pieces do not touch each other when frying, then you get the best result. Another tip: if you dry the potatoes and chicken dry before you cook them, you can cook the most delicious version of the usual dishes - with a crisp on the outside and a tender flesh inside.
    fried food
  7. So that Dishes from minced meat Tasty, choose minced meat, in whichThere is a sufficient amount of fat, small pieces of fat. This will help keep the meat juiciness during cooking - for example, pies, chebureks with meat will turn out to be tasteless, if you choose for their preparation minced meat from lean meat. To improve the flavoring qualities of minced meat, be sure to add a little raw onion to it.
    Dishes from minced meat
  8. If you cook Soft dough, Flaky or biscuit, add flour toThe rest of the ingredients slowly and gradually. With rapid mixing of oil and flour, the dough becomes sticky. It's a good idea if you are preparing a pizza crust, but it's not suitable for an air test. It is very convenient to add a little bit of flour, mixing the dough mixer at a low speed.
    food processor
  9. Everyone knows about this, but this moment is so important that it is worthwhile to voice it again. Before placing Products in a frying pan with butter, It is necessary to warm it up. If the ingredients for the dish are put on a cold frying pan, they will stick together during the frying process. Do not make this unfortunate mistake!
    Frying pan with onions

these little tricks You will help to avoid disappointment during theCooking food. There are many more useful techniques that will make your culinary experiences very successful. Gain experience and cook with love, because it is also a valuable ingredient of any dish!

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