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Photos on the glass

The picture on the glass looks very unusual - the image is clear, but transparent. Black and white picture Looks like an old photo, and ifTo come up with an interesting background for the pictures on the glass, you get the effect of a double exposure! You will be surprised, but such beauty can be easily realized at home.

The only special element that youYou need to buy - an adhesive for decoupage, through which the image will be transferred to the glass. Buy in a special store - and you can create the original a piece of interior In one fell swoop!

Picture on the glass

Photos on the wall

You will need

  • Adhesive for decoupage
  • Glass photo frame
  • The photo printed on the printer, it is possible two (for a glass and for a background)
  • Soft cloth


  1. Choosing a photo, remember that it will beIs applied to the glass in a mirror image. Attach the glass from the photo frame to the table with adhesive tape, this fixing will be very convenient in work. Apply a special glue on the front side of the photo, gently prikla the photo to the glass, smoothing the surface so that there are no air bubbles and excess glue.
  2. old photo

  3. Leave the photo to dry well. When the paper is completely dry, you can begin to remove it. Do not worry, the image will not wash, it will remain on the glass, as you wanted. Well moisten the photo and remove it with a damp cloth, gradually removing the layers of paper.
  4. old photo

  5. An imprint appeared on the glass! To make your work even more original, you can come up with a good background for a transparent photo by combining two images into one unusual picture.
  6. Frame for an old photo

Such photos can please people for any reason - it's gorgeous Idea for a gift. How joyful it will be to observe enthusiasticExclamations of friends and realize that you did this thing yourself, and not worse than the guys who are engaged in photo printing. You will get an object made with a soul, and it will be appreciated!

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