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Confession of a suicide

I survived after suicide. Now I do not say much about it, because a lot of water has flowed since that time. My healing was very long and heavy.

There were times when I felt very lonely and lost. Suicide problem In that no one knows what to say and how to react. People smile at you, but do not say a word ... the survivors have to survive by themselves.

Suicide is a decision taken from despair,Hopelessness, isolation and loneliness. Black all-absorbing hole of clinical depression. Feeling that you are a burden to your loved ones, a feeling of despair and isolation are familiar to people suffering from depression.


People who say that suicide isSelfishness, refer to the survivors. They say that this is selfishness, leave their children, spouse and loved ones. They want to make us think so. But people who have decided to commit suicide, are trying to hold off with this just because of their loved ones. But the depression is progressing and it seems to them that there is no other way out.

You can not draw such conclusions until you have experienced what these people feel.

Last year the world lost a beautiful comedian Williams Robin. People still can not understand how a person,Looked so happy, was so depressed. And the truth is that so many people face this every day. Some of them will commit suicide, others will try to do it, and still others will hold on to their lives. Many of them will not be able to ask someone for help.

But you can help.

How to prevent suicide

Recognize the alarming signs of suicide. 50-75% of people will tell someone about their intentions, so listen when people talk. Establish eye contact. Convey your empathy. Postpone your smartphone and be a man.

Spend friends suffering Depression. Do this even if they do not answer the phone. Being a friend does not mean that you have to save souls. It means that you just have to be around and listen.

Turn to people who survived after suicide, they also need human support.

4 million people commit suicide every year. 19 million are trying to do this. Share this article with your friends, and maybe you will be able to save someone's life.