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11 products without refrigerator

Store these products in the refrigerator - the presenta crime! Not everything needs to be put in a low-temperature dwelling, and you have a great chance to find out why. Many habitual foods are much Quickly deteriorate in the refrigerator, Than without it, change their taste and useful properties. Remember this list of products - keep them away from the refrigerator!

That can not be stored in the refrigerator

  1. bow
    Bow feels good in the fridge, butProblem in high humidity. Increased humidity in the refrigerator can lead to rapid softening of the onion, it will become tasteless, may start to rot. So it is better to store it in a dry, cool place.
    Bow pictures
  2. avocado
    Avocado is best used for food ripe -The softish vegetable is really delicious, then it can be spread on bread, like butter. In the refrigerator chances to soften and do not have an avocado. Store it at room temperature.
    Child photo
  3. potatoes
    The starchy potato changes its taste in the refrigerator, becomes watery, no. Put the potatoes in a dark and cool place, in a paper bag or a cardboard box.
    Girls with potatoes
  4. Tomatoes
    Tomatoes are also at risk - while inFridge, they become a different consistency and change the taste beyond recognition. Put the tomatoes in a place protected from direct sunlight, store at room temperature.
    Tomato pictures
  5. coffee
    Coffee perfectly absorbs any odors and moisture. So, by folding coffee on the shelf of the refrigerator, you risk trying a drink with the taste of everything that lies there ... store coffee in an airtight container, in a dry and cool place.
    Coffee photo
  6. garlic
    Garlic catastrophically quickly deteriorates at high humidity in the refrigerator. Without a refrigerator it can be quietly stored for about 2 months!
    Garlic pictures
  7. Sauces
    Not all sauces need to be kept in the refrigerator - some this can do much harm. Carefully read the instructions on the packaging.
    Sauce Photo
  8. Fruit with bones
    Greenish fruit with bones should first be held at room temperature, so that they are in place, and then placed in the refrigerator.
    Fruit photo
  9. watermelon
    Watermelon should be stored without a refrigerator, only cut it can be placed there.
    The child is eating watermelon
  10. honey
    Keep honey in the refrigerator is not worth it, there it crystallizes, losing its characteristic taste and useful properties.
    Honey photo
  11. bread
    Do not need to put the bread in the refrigerator - moisture contributes to the development of mold.
    Bread in the oven

Refrigerator - an indispensable thing in the kitchen, but rememberThat you should not add everything there. Correctly store products - an invaluable skill that will help you to save and rationally use what is in the kitchen. Let the economy become a natural state for you, and useful advice will help you in this.

Tell your friends which products should be immediately removed from the Refrigerator, Everyone should know this!