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Features of restaurant food

When we Preparing food For your family or for a romantic dinner, weOften imagine how the finished product should look and what it should taste like. We imagine that the finished dish will look like a restaurant dish, but what we see on the plate is often very different from this. And there are several reasons for this.

Do not be upset because your dishes are not very similar to Restaurant. The main thing is that they are liked by your friends and family. You're not a professional chef who knows by heart hundreds of recipes. Find out why home dishes will never look like restaurants.

Features cooking restaurant food

  1. salt

    Chefs in restaurants are not afraid to add a lot of salt to their meals. They literally literally each ingredient at each stage of cooking. They always add a little more salt than necessary.

  2. Hot plates

    Plates and ovens in restaurants are very oftenAre heated to a maximum, because at high temperatures food is prepared much faster. This, of course, is not suitable for all dishes, but to some it gives a very beautiful color and a golden crust.

  3. shallot

    You will be surprised when you find out how much thisOnions annually buy restaurants. It is present in almost every dish. Chefs use mostly shallots, because it has a mild taste, unlike a traditional onion or garlic.

  4. butter

    Butter is the easiest way to add flavor to any dish. Do not know what kind of light nutty taste it is for toasted vegetables or why this sauce is so soft? It's all butter.

  5. innings

    Professional chefs spend a lot of time on serving and decorating dishes, because this greatly affects the impression of eating.

Try to use these secrets of cooks toThe food you prepared became more like a meal cooked in a restaurant. But remember that this is not the main thing. The main thing is that your meals are liked by your family.