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10 tricks to search on Google

Quick search necessary information - the whole art! Sometimes it's not enough just to drive the necessary keywords into the search string, because the result will be inferior.

To find exactly what you need,It is better to use small tricks. They will not only help you find what you are looking for, but you will save a lot of time. Let these valuable tips make your work faster and more efficient, google to help!

Secrets of google search

  1. Phrase search entirely
    If you take the text in quotes, google will searchA phrase with exactly the same order of words. It's great for weeding out different garbage, you do not have to look through dozens of unnecessary pages with similar words - the results will be very accurate.
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  3. Search for a missed word
    When you need to find the word missed in the quote, just take the whole phrase in quotes and put a star instead of the word you want.
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  5. "Site" operator
    If you needed to find information on a specific site, use this operator. Write "site", put two points and enter the query you are interested in.
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  7. Narrowing the search
    With the ampersand symbol "&" you can search for two words at once, which will stand in one sentence.
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  9. Exclude a word from the search
    For example, you want to find a recipe for dietary dessert, and it must be without sugar. Write a request and put a minus before the word sugar. very comfortably!

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  11. Search for an affordable price
    Find products in a certain range of prices easily, you do not have to revise all online stores. Enter the name of the product and the price range through two points.
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  13. Documents in a specific format
    If you want to search for someone else's work written in a certain format, enter the "filetype" operator and write the name of the coveted format after two points.
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  15. calculator
    Just enter the desired numbers and actions into the search bar - you will immediately get the result and a calculator for further work.
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  17. interpreter
    Before the phrase to be translated, enter "translate", and after - "into" and the desired language.
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  19. Determining the meaning of a word
    To get a detailed definition of an unknown word, use the "define:" operator.
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  21. Unit converter
    Google will do everything for you!
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  23. Movie schedule
    Find out what to see, in whatever city you're in!
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  25. exact time
    In communication with the whole world: find out the exact time anywhere in the world.
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Now you will be Master Search - nothing will escape from your extremeExact requests. These secrets will help you to work more productively, you will be surprised how much time you can save in this way. Enjoy your health with these entertaining techniques!

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