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Table of pallets

Often we see very original and stylish things and we do not even suspect that making them ourselves is easy. For example, this coffee table. Who would have thought that once these were the most common pallets!

Making such a table does not take away a lot of strength and money from you. Just give vent to fantasy and do everything with pleasure.

Table of pallets

You will need

  • 1 pallet
  • Brush and cleanser for wood cleaning
  • 4 castors and furniture loops
  • Glue for wood
  • Sandpaper for grinding
  • Paint or varnish
  • Brush or roller for painting


  1. To begin with, you need to clean the wood well.
  2. How to clean wood

  3. Put on each other the cut pieces of the pallet and glue them. Then secure with clamps.
  4. Coffee table by one's own hands

  5. When the glue dries, you can start attaching the loops.
  6. Hinge attachment

  7. And do not forget to tighten the wheels so that the table can move easily.
  8. Wheels of the table

  9. Treat the surface of the table with sandpaper.
  10. sandpaper

  11. Cut the wood with lacquer.
  12. Varnish for wood

  13. Voila! The coffee table is ready.
  14. coffee table

    coffee table

    coffee table

The idea of ​​creating such a coffee table is very simple, but adding fantasies, you can decorate it to your taste and make a one-of-a-kind table.

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