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Secrets of Men and Women

Relationship between a man and a woman is one of theCentral themes, which, one way or another, affects each of us. Here are some secrets that will allow you to take a different look at this phenomenon, and also expand your understanding of what relationships are, how to properly build them and what to do in order to create and Keep a happy union For years to come.

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Secrets of relations

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  1. In a relationship, everyone is looking for attention to himself.

    If either side does not receive enoughAttention, such relationships are doomed to failure. Nothing so jeopardizes your relationship as a lack of attention. Negative actions, bad character or bad habits - a trifle in comparison with this.

    There are two Forms of attention - Male and female. From a woman it is expected that she will listen to her interlocutor, being completely absorbed, by what he engages her. The female form of attention does not resist and does not contradict, she unconditionally agrees with everything that the man offers. This is the type of attention that a man in a woman is looking for. He needs a friend always with attention, understanding and interest to everything that he says or offers, and also always agreed to have sex with him.

    The male form of attention is involvement in the process. A man tries to involve in the process of forming new impressions of those in whom he is interested. He tries to set a direction in everything, and also to offer something new - something that, in his opinion, is worthy of attention. If a woman ceases to listen to such things, a man loses interest in her.

  2. Between a man and a woman there is a link at the energy level.
    Between people who were for some time in theAn invisible channel. When people leave, it continues to function, pumping up energy of one of the partners and causing suffering from the other. So at a distance a man and a woman will alternately feel worse then better.

    When parting, it is very important to forgive a person, thank him for everything and let him go. Then the connection will gradually dissolve.

  3. Before you start a relationship with a woman, a man needs to divorce his mother.
    Mother is the very first woman in a man's life. Each boy is in close contact with her until the age of twelve. Then there comes a period when the child falls under the jurisdiction of his father, who must teach him to be a man. But this does not always happen. Sometimes a man remains in close contact with his mother until later in life.

    Such a mother may sometimes notSon and the more she will not give it to some girl. Instead, she will steer him and his life, not giving the opportunity and a step to do yourself. Let's face it, such a person can not be called a real man, and a relationship with him is unlikely to bring anything good.

  4. Often a woman subconsciously wants to deprive man of manhood, so that he does not go anywhere from it.
    The burden on men's shoulders was borne by the burdenDiscoverer, researcher and innovator. Masculinity manifests itself when it is necessary to overcome obstacles, introduce new orders, explore new things, bring prey to the house.

    A woman is like a puzzle that a man unravels time after time. This is what attracts him. But sometimes a woman begins to worry that her loved one will want to explore someone other than her.

    In such cases, a woman interrupts in a manThe desire to learn something, and he turns into an obedient son who satisfies her need for someone to study and service her. But this, alas, is not a real man, because in such situations all his masculinity, as a rule, comes to naught.

  5. The status of a man is directly proportional to the female love that he receives.

    That in a daily life the man was successful and achieved more and more, give him a lot of support and love. This applies not only to wives, but also to mothers.

    If you notice that you do not have enough money orStill something, you need to make sure that a man gets enough energy and support from his woman. His belief in him, she must make him believe in his consummate and in the fact that he is all on the shoulder. In this state a man is guaranteed to reach and earn more.

  6. Love is closely related to the development of each couple. If there is no development, there is no love.

    If your second half negatively speaks about your desire to learn, work and learn something new, it is worthwhile to think about the fact that in these relationships there is probably no love.

    Provided that both receive sufficientThe amount of attention, such disagreements should be alarming. If the other half does not allow you to work, a course or a seminar, does not allow you to read or buy books, and also prohibits other activities that like and develop you, most likely you are in a co-dependent relationship where there is no place for love. This is more like the relationship of the victim and the executioner, which very often suit both partners because of their internal traumas and predispositions.

  7. A man is a woman's mirror. If something does not suit you, look for the cause in yourself.
    If the second person does not develop you and makes you suffer, and you do not disagree, it means that these relations are beneficial for both.

    If you are in this situation, think about what your partner is giving you. It can be anything - the opportunity to understand for yourself with some questions or the implementation of a generic script.

  8. To defeat a woman, a man needs to win in her eyes. To defeat a man, a woman must lose to him.

    Female energy - horizontal, and male -Vertical. A man needs to grow up and achieve more and more heights, while he will become stronger and more successful. As for the woman, if she chooses the vertical path, while defeating the men, at the end of the game she is devastated and fatigued. Such a woman becomes all the more lonely and unhappy, the more victories she won.

    Choosing a horizontal path of development, a woman asAs if he recognizes his defeat to men and does not seek to defeat them. But at the same time she acquires peace and balance, the right people come to her life, she feeds her energy with a man who achieves the goal for her sake. Such a woman wins as a result.

  9. A man wants to turn his woman into a queen, and a woman needs a ready-made king.

    A woman dreams of her husband helping herTo know yourself. So that he did not pass by her various phenomena and helped her to become better. Only the king can do that, who has already dealt with his childish fears and reassured the spirit of his ancestors.

    To make of a male king, you need to behave with him as a king, recognize his merits and dignity. And next to such a man a woman is always in a state of happiness and abundance.

  10. A woman loves ears, so it is not so important that a man speaks, it's important - how.

    The voice of a man has a very strong effect on the statewomen. If he talks to her in an unpleasant tone for her, then the woman will most likely refuse the man's attention. And lack of attention will discourage success from men. So the king knows that for more rapid progress in business and a good atmosphere at home, he needs to talk gently to his woman.

These 10 secrets are a great opportunity to reconsider your relations and transfer them to a qualitatively new level. With their help you can tidy up not only family matters, but also significantly Advance financially. So do not miss your chance!