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How to load the dishwasher correctly

If you load your Dish washer, The dishes will be washed better. And for this you need to follow several rules. Remember, it's important if you have this useful thing!

How to download a dishwasher

Most dishwashers have two compartments, one for volume dishes and the other for smaller cutlery.

This means that in the upper basket, whichIs designed for washing small kitchen items, it is recommended to load glasses, piles, plates, wine glasses, cups. While glasses, glasses and similar utensils must be placed on the special racks in each modern dishwasher, upside down.

Large and dirty kitchen items, such as pans, baking trays, pans, ladles, dishes and others, are loaded into the bottom of the dishwasher.

Make sure that items with long handles do not interfere with the movement of sprinklers.

Before loading the car you do not need to rinse the dishes with water, just remove all the leftovers from it. See how the girl loads the dishwasher in the video.

now you know, How to properly load a dishwasherSo that your dishes sparkle clean and stayed intact. Use these tips if your kitchen has such an inventory.

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