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How to peel the garlic

Without garlic in the kitchen can not do - it is part of many dishes. Sauces, salads, soups, meat - garlic is indispensable in the preparation of all this. That confuses housewives is Garlic smell, Which remains on hand after cooking for a long time ...

It can not be washed away with anything! In addition, to clean the garlic is not very convenient, it takes a long time. It's good that there are people who are looking for non-standard solutions to any problems! This video will produce a garlic revolution in your kitchen. Because now all the problems associated with cleaning garlic, evaporate, like a terrible dream!

How to peel garlic

To clean the garlic, you just have to be goodShake it in a can or in any other closed container! This precious product can clean itself, as it turned out. Why did not I know about this earlier?

Save your friends from the trouble with garlic - show them a video how to do it right!