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Break off relations with the former

Friday, 11 pm. instead of Having fun with friends, You uncork a bottle of cheap red wine to drown out your suffering, because your new passion decided to throw you to the side. But this is not the first time ...

Most likely, you will come together again. Why does it always happen? What is attractive about dragging old garbage back into the house?

But all because we always want to have a backup plan, because with new people we are not so comfortable as it was with Former passion.


Reasons to break off relations with the former

  1. They keep you.
    Why do you delay your personal progress? Life is a series of new acquaintances who teach you. And you prevent them from doing this, trying to kindle a spark of old relations, from which no longer a full-fledged fire.

    You can not move on if you know that there are several girls (guys) to whom you can return at any time.

  2. If you did not succeed in the third attempt, it would not work with the fourth one.
    Why should you go back to a person who isDid you hurt you a hundred times in the past? This self-destruction and it must be eradicated from his life. Stop believing that in the fourth, fifth or tenth time something will change.
  3. They are emotionally exhausted.
    Keep the door open to the old relationship quiteNot great. We can not travel in time, because the past must remain in the past. Leave it there and move forward. It will be difficult for you to leave the person with whom you were so comfortable behind, but this must be done so that he can not cause you even more suffering.
  4. Relationships

  5. They make you look bad in the eyes of other people.
    Holding the door open, you show yourIndecision and unwillingness to move on. And this is seen by others. If you do not want your passion to communicate with your ex, stop it and you're the one.
  6. This is unnecessary trash.
    Purify your mind and heart, because a new love is always waiting for you on the horizon. Risk, cut off all ties with the former, and a new love will turn your head!

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