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Get rid of the habit in 66 days

Habit - a very characteristic phenomenon of man. In part the life of each of us consists of a series of familiar actions. And we do not particularly strive to change this, because we feel comfortable with a minimum of innovations.

It can be as little harmless habits, such as clicking with a pen or crunching bones, and dangerous to health - smoking, alcoholism. habit So firmly enters our life that we can not even remember the moment of its appearance, as well as imagine life without it.

But in fact there is a clear mechanism forWhich works every habit. It consists of 3 mandatory elements. The first is the trigger, which causes your brain to do a certain thing. The second is the routine repetition of this action. And the third is a reward, or some advantage that we get when we do something.

Your brain remembers this sequence andReproduces it every time the trigger is pressed. It happens on the machine - you do not think about how to do it, everything happens by itself. Because of such a lack of full awareness, habits are very difficult to overcome.

Girl breaks a cigarette

Gradually you become a slave to your habits. You do not feel free, because you can not refuse to perform this or that action.

But you can Replace habits, Which you do not like for others -Positive. Imagine, for example, how great it is to have a habit of doing sports, reading books or eating properly. And do it not because you need to, but because you simply can not not do it.

To achieve such a result,It will take 66 days. Only if the matter does not concern any strong substances that are addictive at the physical level. But the emotional component of the habit can be overcome during this period.

How to get rid of bad habits

Be unbearable (days 1 - 22)

Tell me about your plans as much as possibleNumber of people around. Let your friends, relatives, acquaintances and colleagues know about your task. Ask them to control you, scold you if necessary, and constantly remind you.

Pressure of public opinion and reluctanceReceive a disapproving assessment by others, will make the process of returning to the old habit more difficult. Because it is much easier to disappoint yourself than someone.

Do a self-examination (days 22-44)

At this stage you should take a good look at your life. Try to understand what you want to achieve, what results to achieve, what you represent.

Getting rid of the habit is important to answer the question,Why did you have it, what does it give you. Every habit usually has many secondary benefits that you get. If this smoking is a calming of nerves, communication, an opportunity to think in solitude, there are always a lot of options. Try to deal with each of them and find them a worthy replacement. Find out what deep needs are satisfied by this or that habit and learn to satisfy them in another way. For example, you can do breathing exercises or meditate to relax.

Work on motivation (days 44-66)

Even if you survived all the previous days, during this period it's very easy to break. So you need to pay special attention to motivation.

Close your eyes, relax and imagine yourA new life in detail. Lose in the head every advantage that it gives you. Draw everything in the most vivid colors, work out every detail. Look carefully at this picture and remember it. But now imagine yourself as someone who has never been able to get rid of the habit, draw in imagination the most negative and deplorable image, the worst thing that can be, if you do not give up the habit.

This is one of the methods by which Increase motivation, There are many. Work on it, and the chances of achieving the cherished dream will increase at times.

Pamper yourself (66+)

Get rid of the habit This is a great achievement, so trySomehow please yourself when you finally reach your goal. Meet friends or do something that you have long dreamed of. Mark this day so that it will be remembered to you and become a symbol of that you yourself can dispose of your life.

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