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15 ways to use freeze packs

That you can not imagine your life without Packages for freezing After reading this article - not at all empty words! Such an original use of these items will appeal to everyone - in different spheres of life packets with fasteners are irreplaceable.

These ideas will teach you how to look at the usual things differently - ingenuity Very simplifies life. So invent something new at any convenient opportunity and use already thought up ideas that make life easier!

How to use packages for freezing

  1. If there is no TV in the plane or bus - it does not matter. Here's how you can adjust your smartphone!
    Smartphone in the package
  2. A good way to divide into equal parts minced meat or any other food.
    Stuffing in the package
  3. If breadcrumbs are poured into a bag and dipped cutlets, syrniki or other food inside it, scattered breading mixture throughout the kitchen will be avoided.
  4. Fruits frozen in a package can easily be turned into fruit ice cream - it's enough to freeze the fruits in a package in your own juice.
    fruit ice
  5. Drink a cocktail from the package - very convenient on the go and during the buffet-party. No grief associated with bottled beverages, there will be!
    Cocktail in the package
  6. From the package you get such a convenient container for sweets. Nothing rassypetsya, besides, it looks cute!
    Nuts and dried fruits
  7. Dough for pancakes is very convenient to pour out of such a package with a cut tip. In addition, the remaining dough is very conveniently stored in the refrigerator in such a package.
    Dough for pancakes
  8. Super-mosquito repellent: filled with water, lemon juice with salt and coins package. Check it works!
    insect repellent
  9. In bags with fasteners it is very convenient to fold clothes - underwear and socks will finally be ordered! In the journey it is priceless advice.
    Underwear in bags
  10. Keep headphones, different wiring and adapters very cool in such packages. In addition, everything can be signed.
    Headphones and wires
  11. Fishing tackle is convenient to use with packages for freezing - it is good to store and easy to fold back.
    fishing gear
  12. Packing of documents of increased strength: wrap documents in a sheet of cardboard and fold in a plastic bag.
    Documents in the package
  13. The bread, heated in the microwave, will remain soft, fluffy and warm, if placed in a bag. So it is convenient to take it with you as a snack.
    Bread photo
  14. Packages will help even in a case like knitting. Here's what you need to do to prevent thread from tangling!
    Threads in the package
  15. So as not to confuse the contents of the packages in the freezer, use a patch. It's easy to write names on it, now the order will always reign in the freezer!

Packages for freezing are not as simple as you thought before. It's amazing how Multifunctional Some things! Enjoy these tricks on health, the packages for freezing are just a godsend.