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5 lifjhaki for the kitchen

Cooking food is not an easy job. Only it seems that it does not take much time - the average person spends about two hours a day in the kitchen, and some mistresses safely give food to the affairs of 6-8 hours of their time every day.

It's good that modern technologies have greatly simplified the cooking process. But many cases remain very energy-consuming and absorb time like a black hole.

These 5 lifhaks will change a lot in your kitchen. You will learn Properly store spices, Light a stubborn cooking zone, outside the boxApply plastic bottles. The necessary page of the cookbook will not be lost any more - see these brilliant lifhaki, they will enlighten you on important cooking issues!

Lifhaki for the kitchen

Most of all I liked the trick, thanks to which the contents of the pan can be saved from boiling. these Stains on the stove - An annoying phenomenon, it's good that they can be avoided. And what trick did you like?

To ease the culinary efforts of their friends, show them this video. Check in practice these wonderful lifhaki and make sure that they work!