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25 useful inventions

The daily life of modern man,It seemed to be full of amenities and thought out to the last detail. But this is not always the case. Every now and then we have to face difficulties that most people silently suffer. But not the inventors of these Extraordinary things. The presence of the problem pushed them to find a solution, and they found it!

25 things that make life easier

  1. Easy opening scotch. Need to open a sealed box? Toss the ribbon and open the lid. No knives and heaps of torn tape.
  2. Easy-to-open scotch

    Easy-to-open scotch

  3. A mug that collects drops does not allow liquid to get on the table or other surface, thereby keeping it clean.
  4. a cup

  5. Comfortable cinema with pillows and comfortable chairs. Watch the movie, feeling at home. Only do not fall asleep!
  6. Cinema with pillows

  7. 360 degree outlet. You can insert many forks into any place in a circle.
  8. 360 degree outlet

  9. Traffic light with a countdown. Reade set Go!
  10. Traffic light with a countdown

  11. A bicycle helmet that folds. Compact solution.
  12. Bike helmet

  13. Usb-socket in the sockets. You can connect and recharge everything and immediately.
  14. Usb-socket in sockets

  15. The built-in illumination will help to find the hole in the wall without difficulty.
  16. Backlight in the socket

  17. This keychain with gps using a smartphone will help to quickly locate the lost keys or purse.
  18. Keychain with gps

  19. Machine with pizza. Insert money, choose ingredients, wait 2.5 minutes. And voila - eat served!
  20. Machine with pizza

  21. This bench is never wet. Turn the handle on the side and the seat will turn to you dry side.
  22. bench

  23. Network filter puzzle. Make it as convenient as possible.
  24. Network filter puzzle

    Network filter puzzle

  25. A socket in which there is a built-in extension cable will save a lot of unnecessary trouble.
  26. Built-in extension cable

  27. In the parking lot, where the available seats are highlighted, it is very easy to park.
  28. Parking place

  29. And this garbage basket is not only the apogee of all my dreams, but also a good incentive to keep the streets clean.
  30. trash bin

  31. A backpack with a hood will always come to the rescue in bad weather. You do not always take an umbrella or a jacket with you.
  32. Backpack with a hood

  33. This charger works on the temperature of the contents of the cup.
  34. Battery charger

  35. And this - on solar panels. Cool and eco-friendly.
  36. Solar charger

  37. In this subway you can pay for the fare used packaging.
  38. Throws out the bottle

  39. The changing nozzle on the comb will make it easy to keep it clean.
  40. Comb head

  41. I'm sure everyone will agree that uncomplicated headphones are the highest class!
  42. Unbuttoned headphones

  43. To charge these batteries, simply insert them into the usb-connector.
  44. Usb-connector for batteries

  45. These bicycle racks save space on the sidewalk.
  46. Bicycle racks

  47. Interesting warning signs.
  48. Warning signs

  49. Screen in the toilet of the cinema. Admit that he was afraid to miss something interesting, going on business.
  50. Screen in the toilet of the cinema

These 25 very useful and interesting inventions,Perhaps in the future will make our daily lives many times simpler and more comfortable. Some of them are already used in other countries, or are on sale on the Internet.

So broaden your horizons, look to the future with optimism and perceive problems as an incentive to development.