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Morning and evening rituals

That a certain ritual is included in the Habit, He should like you and you should get the maximum pleasure from him. "so simple!" Recommends you 20 procedures that you need to take into the habit, and then they can change your life.

Take note of the ones that you like most.

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Morning rituals

  1. Start with thanks
    Write down 5 things for which you are grateful. This is a very simple ritual that develops positive thinking.
  2. Drink water with lemon
    We all know that you need to drink plenty of water every day, but often forget about it.
  3. Meditate
    Set aside a few minutes a day to clear your mind. Listen to your favorite song or just close your eyes for a few minutes. It's just as useful as a shower.
  4. Move on
    Movement will cause your body to activate its forces and fully awake. Do a little exercise in the morning or just walk a couple of minutes.
  5. Have breakfast
    You should have breakfast every day, because it is breakfast that gives you strength and energy for the whole day.
  6. Get dressed
    It sounds simple, but it's important, even if you work at home. So you will meet and will work more productively.
  7. A bed was made
    Enough to roll under the covers in the morning. When you got up, you must immediately have a bed behind you.
  8. Keep a diary
    If you write down your thoughts every morning, you will clear your mind for new interesting ideas.
  9. Start the day with a good one
    When you sit down for work, start with the things that you want to do the most and then your day will start with positive thoughts.

Evening rituals

  1. Prepare
    Cook your morning breakfast and pat your clothes, make a list of cases and then you program yourself to succeed.
  2. Light candles
    They will help you relax and calm down before going to bed.
  3. Allocate time for electronics
    Select a few hours in the evening to check email, surf the Internet and even watch TV.
  4. Pamper yourself with a late snack
    This can be done if there are still several hours left before sleep. Go to bed hungry is not very nice.
  5. listen to music
    She will calm and relax you. Listen to the same album in the evenings to relieve tension.
  6. Read
    The book is a very good way to get distracted in the evening. She will take you to the world of interesting and exciting adventures.
  7. Make a trip to the bathroom
    In the evening you need to brush your teeth and wash. A warm bath will remove toxins from your body.
  8. Make yourself an evening drink
    It can be herbal tea or just water with a lemon. Choose something from which you will become warm and cozy.
  9. Make a list of things that you should feel, not do
    Just write down the first thing that came to mind: love, support, happiness, joy, productivity, energy, intuition.

Take a habit of several of these Morning and evening rituals, So that your life will change for the better. You will feel that you have changed the morning mood and you will be able to relax and relax in the evening.