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Not so long ago, to a number of the best friends of the traveler, side by side with eternal values ​​like a penknife and a few crumpled banknotes in a sock, a smartphone joined. even Without access to foreign mobile networks And in the absence of free, and often even any Internet, the phone will always come in handy. Of course, if you select the software with the mind.

So to the arsenal of compulsory applications for the traveler joined and google translate, and all thanks to one small update. Now you can get Instant transfer Any printed text, pointing at the camera. But most importantly - this function is available and offline!

The offline function is available on android and ios. attachment Supports translations from Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese into English and vice versa. In the future, developers provide support for other languages.

Google translator

The concept used by google is not innovative. In fact, it's just the development of ideas for the application Word lens. The old application, however, will soon lose further support, because its developer was purchased by the corporation last year.

Google officials have already confirmed the fact,That word lens ideas will be used in the future, bringing a new breath to google translate. Now, it turns out, we were shown only the first fruits of their cooperation.

Google translator found and another important new function besides the ones already mentioned Photo translations, As they have already been christened in the press. The additional update relates to the translation of conversations. Previously, with each phrase, the user of the interpreter was required to personally select the desired language. Now the wizened program only needs to enter the defining data at the very beginning of the conversation.

For example, when choosing English and French, the application will automatically determine the desired language during the conversation and respond accordingly. not bad!

Google translator

at last Lovers of the world Will breathe a sigh of relief, because they no longer need to be afraid of exorbitant local Internet tariffs.

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