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Vegetable flower bed-spiral

Do you have a private home or a summer residence? then "so simple!" Recommends you to make such a spiral flower bed for the cultivation of spicy and vegetable herbs. It provides microclimate and different types of soils that suit different plants.

In the center of the flowerbed it will be warm and dry, the soil will be well drained. And closer to the end of the spiral will be cool, moist and shady.

Such a flower bed is ideal for gardeners, in whoseDisposal of some land, as with the help of this flower bed you can plant a large number of plants in a small area. Now at your fingertips will always be Fresh greens.

How to make a flower bed

  1. The optimal diameter is from 1.5 to 2.5 m, so that youCould easily reach out to any part of the flowerbed. Remove the upper part of the soil and put a wooden stake in the center of the future flower bed with a second stake tied to the rope. Make room for the flowerbed.

  2. Guard the outer edges of the spiral with stones. So that the grass does not grow on the bed, put cardboard on the removed layer of soil. You can also lay a layer of straw - decomposing, it will become a fertilizer for plants.


  3. Backfill with earth.


  4. Tamp the earth and lay the spiral turns to the center of the flower bed.

  5. Now you can plant the plants. In this case, thyme, sage, rosemary grows on this bed, and on the edges - parsley, green onions and coriander.

Do on your site such a vegetable bed and you will always have fresh and fragrant herbs on the table. And most importantly - without any chemicals. And you can Save space In his garden.