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How to clear iPhone memory

Your iphone is likely to be full of absolutely unnecessary garbage. We have prepared for you 8 simple tricks that will help you to free up some space in your Smartphone.

Now you will have the opportunity to save only selected on your smart phone!

How to clear memory in iphone

  1. Check use.
    First of all you need to find out what isMost of the space on your phone. Open the settings, then the main> stats> repository. At the top you can see how much memory you have already used and how much memory you have left, and from the bottom you will see how much memory your applications occupy.
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  3. Beware of internal application downloads.
    Often some applications other than space,Occupied by the application itself, take up memory and other data. For example, the application itself Vkontakte 2 takes 19 megabytes, and the data stored in this application, occupy 2 gigabytes.
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  5. Remove the games that you do not use.
    Most games do not take much space,But some weigh a lot. Delete old games that you have not opened for a long time. If you need them again, you can easily download them from the store.
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  7. Delete old music and video.
    Are you going to ever listen to these songs, if you did not include them for several months, or even more? This also applies to videos, which you have already revised dozens of times.
  8. Put automatic deletion on your messages.
    It is unlikely that you will need conversations that are more than a year old. It's better to delete old messages. You can do this as follows: settings> messages. Under the "store messages" choose 30 days or 1 year.
  9. Use google + or dropbox.
    Upload photos from your phone to google + or dropbox. So you can save a lot of space. Just download the google + application and upload your gallery there.
  10. 7. Stop using the photocurrent.
    Your phone is constantly syncing photos with other devices. If you do not need it, turn it off to save space twice.
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  12. Save only hdr photos.
    Go into the settings and turn off the button to leave the original so that you do not have twice as many photos on the gadget.
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Now you can free Enough space on your phone For new applications and games. Use these tips to remove all unnecessary trash from your phone!

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