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Become beautiful in 30 days

Beauty is, as you know, a terrible force. Who does not dream of catching on himself the rapturous looks of those around him, struck by the attractiveness and blooming kind of a pretty person? Of course, a pledge of a beautiful appearance - Healthy organism.

These few tips will help you achieve Improve their appearance Methods that directly affecthealth. Because they are extremely effective and will give their result after 30 days. Armed with knowledge and become more charming every day. All of us will be saved by unmotivated acts of beauty!

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How to become a beauty in 30 days

  1. flax seeds
    Eat every day the seeds of flax. Best of all - on an empty stomach in the morning, immediately after awakening. One tablespoon is enough to achieve the desired effect. Sip flax with warm water, chew well. You can even grind it in a coffee grinder and add this powder to the morning oat porridge and any other porridges throughout the day.

    The secret of flaxseed is in Purification of the body. Linen is very useful for the skin, it will become moreSmooth, smooth, you'll look younger before your eyes. Thanks to polyunsaturated fatty acids in its composition, flax is very good for hair and nails, qualitatively improves them. Eating flax, you even lose a little weight - and it will be a harmonious, healthy weight loss, without harm to the body.

  2. Boiled beetroot
    Eat every day a salad of boiled beets for food. It can be made very tasty - for example, with prunes, walnuts, garlic. You can fill it with low-fat sour cream.

    Beets - wonderful Blood purifier, Very well affects the work of many internalBodies. Try to eat beets every day, and you will see how the work of the gastrointestinal tract will improve, how the skin will be cleansed. Much depends on food, believe me.

  3. Glycerin and vitamin E
    Every evening before going to bed, put on your face a mask ofGlycerin and vitamin E. For 30 grams of glycerin you need 10 capsules of vitamin E, squeeze the contents of the capsules into the glycerin. Put a mask on a well-cleaned face. If the skin is a little sticky, sprinkle it with a refreshing tonic.

    This wonderful mixture will help smooth wrinkles and substantially refresh the skin. Crow's feet and other troubles will stop bothering you. A miracle tool!

  4. Nuts
    Pick nuts as a snack! Different, any, a day eat 50 grams of nuts.

    For hair and nails it is manna from heaven. You will see how the state of the whole organism will improve immediately. In addition, that nuts affect the appearance, they also stimulate the brain. Which is also a significant plus.

  5. Dry mustard mask
    Make an amazing mask of mustard powder and vegetable oil, best of all - olive or burdock. Put it on for 20 minutes on damp hair, wrap it in a plastic bag and towel the head.

    Hair will become simply luxurious - shiny and healthy. Besides, mustard stimulates hair growth - they will become noticeably longer after 2 weeks of application.

  6. Sleeping Socks
    Dress for the night socks made of natural material - wool or cotton. Before you put on socks, smearing your feet with butter, you can add a drop of mint essential oil to it.

    In a month of constant implementation of this procedure, everyone will be jealous of your legs! So tender skin is only in babies. A good tool to prepare for the beach season.

  7. Wheat germ oil
    Wheat germ oil is the first mate forBeautiful long eyelashes. Take an empty tube from under the carcass, wash it well, brush too. Drip into the oil from the wheat germ, now it can be easily bought at the pharmacy.

    In a month your cilia will become thicker and longer. No fatigue after the constant use of carcass will not be observed. In addition, apply the brush tool to the eyelashes so conveniently!

  8. sea ​​salt
    A wonderful scrub for the whole body will come from sea salt and sour cream. Sour cream can be taken quite fat. Thoroughly soaked with such a scrub after the shower, wash the skin with warm water.

    Regular application of this Exfoliating Scrub Very positively affects the skin. All dead cells are gently peeled off, the skin becomes silky. Sour cream does not allow salt to injure the skin, nourishes the skin. Do not be lazy and rub this agent daily! This will help even with such a terrible problem as cellulite. A mixture of salt and sour cream can be stored in the refrigerator.

  9. Amaranth oil
    The only drawback of this magic oil is its price, but it is completely justified. Lubricate amaranth oil face, places with wrinkles, pimples, scars, burns ...

    The oil is completely absorbed and regenerates the skin - it contains in its composition the substance of squalene, an analog of the natural component of the skin

  10. Menthol oil
    Menthol essential oil is a chic hair freshener. For one liter of water, take 5 drops of oil and rinse the hair with this mixture every time after washing.

    This is a very good remedy for oily hair,Hair, prone to the appearance of dandruff. Incredible freshness on the head! Due to its tonic effect, menthol oil even removes the headache - also a valuable advice, take into account.

Using these tips just a month, you will feel much healthier and more beautiful. For your own comfort Worth a try! Because when you look delicious, fresh - you have more confidence, success accompanies you in all matters.

These valuable tips can please your girlfriends! Tell them, How to improve your appearance In just 30 days.