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Movies in English

To learn English means first of all To master conversational speech. It's much more important than reading and translating texts. Making it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance!

Viewing good films in the original will help you learn the skills of free conversation in English, improve pronunciation, expand your lexicon. Look and learn - how great that you can learn the language, watching interesting movies.

Movies for learning English

  1. "Forrest Gump"
    Tom hanks in this film speaks slowly andClearly, so even beginners will easily perceive English speech. In addition, the film can be viewed in parts, and it will not lose its charm on this, which is very convenient.
  2. Forrest Gump

  3. "crime novel"
    This film is about charming bandits whoIs full of specific spoken words. Those who watched the film in translation, will discover a lot of charms, reviewing the work of the ingenious tarantino in the original.
  4. Criminal chivo

  5. "Lake house"
    A film that consists of letters writtenRomantic English is something that should be done for those who plan to express their feelings in a foreign language. A wonderful story about true love that captures and delights, even when you are reviewing a film.
  6. Movie house by the lake

  7. "the beauty and the Beast"
    A great option for kids and all those whoseThe level of English is lower than average. Simple, understandable words and constructions, clear pronunciation - Disney cartoon can easily teach you the basics of English.
  8. the beauty and the Beast

  9. "Coffee and Cigarettes"
    This legendary film is completely filledConversations. If you want to tighten up your English to a level of full communication on different intellectual topics, the jarmush film will come in handy to you very much. It can also be viewed in small snatches, because the film consists of full-length shorts.
  10. Film coffee and cigarettes

  11. "Jerry maguire"
    Speak and think in English - that's whatYou need to strive! The main character will help you learn to formulate your thoughts impeccably. What you say and how you do it can play a decisive role in your life. The film will show you this to the fullest.
  12. Jerry maguire movie

  13. "Dr. House"
    In addition to having a rich medical vocabulary,The series about Dr. Haus has another plus - he's unusually humorous. So many fine, elegant jokes are concentrated in this series, that after watching you can joke in English freely and unconventional.
  14. Dr. House

  15. "The Iron Lady"
    The language in this film is very well understood thanks toBritish English. Academically correct speech will be clear even for beginners. And an inimitable maryl strip will show how the real English ladies behave!
  16. Movie iron lady

  17. "Diary of Bridget Jones"
    Another great movie to exploreEnglish in the most diverse manifestations of this language. The story of a woman who at the age of 32 decided to change her life is very fascinating, and the pronunciation of the actress Rene Zellweger is ideal.
  18. Diary of Bridget Jones

  19. Shrek
    Funny cartoon with different songs andJokes - very good material for learning English. It suits not only children but also adults! All the cues are very clear, the actors' diction is very clear. Cartoon that is nice to watch!
  20. Shrek

Make your learning of English more entertaining - look wonderful Movies in original. It will open for you a world of lively, bright English, it will quickly become for you a native. You can not imagine how he used to watch films and serials with a not too good translation.

But joint Watching cartoons in English With a child - a great pastime!