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Hidden mobile phone capabilities

Present a modern life without a mobilePhone is not possible. This attribute not only merged into our life, but became an indispensable element in any situation. But the truth is that most of us do not even guess about the potential capabilities of such native and familiar devices.

specially for you "so simple!" Prepared a compilation of useful functions of your mobile phone, which you could not even guess about.

Hidden mobile phone capabilities

  1. Every car owner at least once in his life was in a situation where the keys remain inside a locked car. Do not rush to panic or, worse, to beat the glass.

    If at home you have a second set Remote key, Take your phone, calmly dial the numberCellular one of the household members and ask to use the key directly from home, having previously carried it to the mobile phone, and at that time keep your device at a distance of about 30 cm from the car door.

    So your phones will create a kind ofPortal and serve as a guide for the key. This will help you to save time, material costs and in two accounts to open your car. The distance in this case has absolutely no value: whether you are at least a hundred kilometers from home, if you can get through to a person with spare keys, you can open a car or even a trunk!

    Car keys

  2. As unfortunate, but every second ownerMobile phone at least once in his life was a victim of the theft of cellular. The situation is very unpleasant and it's often not even in the cost of the device, but in the information.

    If you live in a big city, we advise youResponsibly approach the issue of the safety of your property, and, of course, does not prevent you from being reinsured once again. If you still lost your phone, it's best to block it immediately. For this you will need Serial number of cellular.

    Dial on the phone the following combination of numbers* # 06 #, then the 15-digit code is displayed on the screen - it is a unique number that never repeats and is assigned by the manufacturer individually to each device. Write it down and save it in a safe place. If your phone is lost, call your mobile operator and report this code, then the cell phone can be blocked.

    After such a phone will be usedIs impossible. Of course, this is not a guarantee that you will be returned to it, but at least your phone in its original form can not be used by an attacker.

    Phone security

  3. If you are overtaken emergency, Being anywhere in the world, you have enoughOnly dial the short number "112" from your mobile and the phone will automatically search for the emergency number within the networks available in the region.

    Even being outside the network coverage area, without havingFunds on the account and being in a foreign country, by this number you will necessarily contact the necessary emergency service. Moreover, this number can be dialed without even removing your phone from the lock!


  4. The most urgent issue for all mobile phone owners is Battery charge. Fortunately, and for this problem there is a lifhak, though this advice is only for owners of nokia.

    The fact is that it is in nokia phonesThere is a hidden battery reserve. To activate it you need to dial a combination of digits * 3370 #, after which the phone will reboot using a backup battery and the battery charge will increase by 50%. The backup battery, in turn, will be recharged the next time the battery is charged.

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Today the world gives us an incredible amountTechnical capabilities. Every day there are new means to facilitate the life of modern man. To keep up with the times is sometimes quite difficult, but we always try to keep you informed of developments! Share useful information with a friend and make life easier!