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How to improve blood circulation

When there are Problems with blood circulation, It's hard not to notice. Pressure jumps, fatigue, shortness of breath, cold hands and feet in any weather, sudden attacks of headache - obvious signs of a violation of blood circulation. You will not envy such a state of health ...

Stagnation of blood flow leads to hypertension, varicose veins, brittle capillaries and the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Besides, Bad blood circulation - one of the factors causing heart failure.

To avoid serious health problems, use natural methods to maintain the heart. They act instantly!

How to improve blood circulation

  1. More spices!
    Add more spices to your diet meansTake care of your health seriously! Red chili pepper, black pepper, fragrant rosemary, thyme, cinnamon and even garlic: all these active supplements enhance blood circulation. For a good metabolism and preservation of youth they are necessary!
  2. chilli

  3. Walk the stairs
    This is the most reliable Prevention of varicose veins!! Abandoning the elevator, you will constantly train the heart muscle and strengthen the walls of the vessels.
  4. Steps on the stairs

  5. Stretch!
    If you sit at the computer a lot, be sure to stretch and get up at least every hour. The lack of oxygen leads to stagnation of blood, but, thanks to regular potyagushkam, you will correct the situation.
  6. Work at the computer

  7. Give up smoking
    Nicotine not only removes vitamin c from the body. This harmful substance affects the work of the heart directly! Refusing to smoke even for a couple of days, you will notice a significant change in health.
  8. cigarette

  9. Enjoy a massage
    massage Disperses blood And helps to cope with stagnant phenomena. Self-massage is very effective with a constant sensation of coldness in the hands and feet.
  10. massage

  11. Rest in the right attitude
    To improve blood circulation, it is enough just to rest, keeping your feet above the level of the head. At least 15 minutes a day lie on the floor, throwing his feet on the sofa.
  12. feet

  13. Eat a variety
    Seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, avocado, tuna, persimmon, more fresh greens and fruits. In addition, for active blood circulation, dark chocolate is extremely useful.
  14. fruit salad

  15. cold and hot shower
    The contrast shower not only cheers, but also helpsProtect yourself from serious health problems! Do not forget to take a cool shower after a hot bath, and you will reduce the risk of a stroke by 30%.
  16. Woman taking a bath

  17. Move on
    The best way to support the heart muscle and improve blood flow is to be active. It is proved that riding a bicycle is an excellent prevention of heart disease.
  18. tennis

  19. Wear comfortable shoes
    More often go barefoot or in shoes, in which you feel just as comfortable as without it.
  20. Sneakers

  21. Drink warm water
    From the cold water narrowed the vessels. Drink enough warm water every day, this you will be an invaluable service to your heart.
  22. Drink water

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