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Multiplication of numbers without calculator

mathematics - a science that is constantly present in ourLife. From the very childhood you get acquainted with the multiplication table and do not part with it until old age. Unfortunately, not all have the abilities that are necessary for studying the exact sciences. Multiplication for many people is a real punishment, when there is no calculator at hand, they are powerless.

You can multiply two-digit and three-digit numbers withEasily, without using a calculator! The way you see on the video, the Japanese invented. That's who is famous for his resourcefulness ... this method will help even those who do not know at all Multiplication table.

Think only - just draw the appropriate number of straight lines, and everything is ready. Look how it's done, and break the pattern of the usual multiplication forever!

Multiplication of numbers without calculator

This method is not only very useful, it looksArtistically! I'm delighted with this video. Show your child how to multiply by the Japanese method - this is exactly useful to him and will interest him to multiply without a calculator.