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Exercises for slender legs

Don Saladino - the most famous American coach,Which is famous for its super effective cardio training for Hollywood stars. He recently discovered some of his secrets, and now everyone can feel the effect of his training. For example, these 4 exercises will help you To become the owner of slender and beautiful legs!!

First you need to take two Dumbbells Weighing 2 or 4 kg. And also you will need to perform 3 sets in each exercise every other day. Between the approaches you need to pause in 1-2 minutes.

Exercises for slender legs

  1. pendulum
    Stand up straight and put your feet to the width of your shoulders. Imagine the dial around you. You stand in the center and look at the number 12. a little bend your knees and elbows. Jump for the first hour, landing while on your right foot. The left leg should be raised. Then return to the center, landing on your left leg.

    Repeat this movement, jumping alternately on the third and fifth hour with your right foot, and left for the eleventh, ninth and seventh hours.

  2. Exercises for slender legs

  3. Bar
    Take the position lying down and take up dumbbells. Lift the dumbbell with your right hand. Lower your hand and repeat this exercise with your left hand. Do this movement 10 times for each hand, changing them in turn. This exercise will also be very useful for your press.
  4. Exercises for slender legs

  5. Sit-ups in an attack with a dumbbell
    Take a dumbbell in your left hand, and put your feet onWidth of shoulders. Make a lung forward with your right foot. Raise your left hand up. Then do pulsating squats up and down, bending both knees at the same time. The left hand should be raised. Change your hand and repeat the exercise, changing your legs. Do 10 repetitions on each leg.
  6. Exercises for slender legs

  7. Survive at all costs
    Take a dumbbell in your left hand, and put your feet onWidth of shoulders. You need to raise your right foot half a meter from the floor, bending your knee at a right angle. Continue to straighten and bend the left arm with a dumbbell, squeezing the right hand into a fist, but do not lower your right foot! Change your hand and repeat the exercise 10 times on each leg.
  8. Exercises for slender legs

Do you dream of slender legs like a movie star? Then take these 4 exercises into service, and your dream will become a reality!

If your friends also dream of slender legs, share with them these exercises!