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Wi-Fi Amplifier

Those who are at home Wi-fi router, Probably faced with a problem whenThe signal does not reach the furthest rooms. This may be the result of the fact that you have a weak router, or because of the construction of your house or apartment.

For this problem there is a simple, but very effective solution - from a simple Tin cans You can make a signal amplifier. Now you will have wi-fi even in the farthest corners of the apartment!

Wi-fi amplifier

You will need

  • scissors
  • can
  • Small piece of plasticine


  1. Thoroughly wash the jar with water.
  2. Break off her opener.
  3. Completely cut the bottom.
  4. The top part also needs to be cut off, but not entirely - leave a piece of uncut metal.
  5. On the reverse side of this piece, make a continuous cut.
    signal amplifier
  6. Fix this construction with plasticine on the router.
    signal amplifier
  7. The amplifier is ready! Just do not forget to guide the reflector in the direction that suits you.
    signal amplifier

Elementary! As I previously did not think of it? With this simple trick you can read "so simple!" In any corner of your apartment and even where you did not have a wi-fi signal before.

Use this trick and tell your friends about it!