/ How to save a choking child

How to save a choking baby

All children, especially in their early childhood, scatter toys and all sorts of necessary (or already unnecessary) things. This is quite a common thing, but sometimes it contains something quite unusual ...

Try to listen to these things, and you will immediately understand what is at stake! Maybe they will be able to tell you something, they will be able to tell about the adventures in the hands of a robber kid ?!

Or are you sure that they are silent on your floor? No, you are mistaken ... they have useful information!

How to save a gasping child

In this video ironically described the reactionThings that were "captured" to the children. For example, bitten and thrown to the floor cap reveals a monstrous truth about children, and a stone from a peach gives good advice. But it's all a joke, compared to what the doll tells you. Her advice can Save life!!

Only 41 seconds, and you will know how to act in similar situations, and in fact they so often meet in each family!!

And at the request of a pencil: "distribute the video among other people"!