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How to wash off dirt

So that comfort reigns in the house, there must certainly be cleanliness around. How much time and effort it takes Maintenance of cleanliness in the house, Knows every hostess. But how to properly deal with pollution on different surfaces - not everyone knows. Very in vain, because such useful knowledge will help to make the house perfectly clean at the cost of very little effort.

Remember these tips when you are next time do the cleaning.

Kitchen tips

  1. How to wash off the fat that has been eaten
    You will not believe, but the fat is very well washed offUsing conventional vegetable oil. You just need to take a few drops of oil, apply it on a paper towel and wipe off a dirty surface (such as a stove or extractor). To bring the surface to the ideal condition will help the usual dishwashing detergent.
    Dirty cooker
  2. How to remove stains from tissue
    To get rid of stains on furniture, carpets and different fabric surfaces, rub the contaminated area with alcohol. Make it an unpainted sponge so that the paint does not accidentally stain the object even more.
  3. How easy it is to clean the oven
    Take four parts of baking soda, four parts of vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing detergent. This wonderful mixture, you can easily remove the carbon from the oven!
    Cleaning the oven
  4. How to remove traces of water on a wooden table
    Everybody knows the problem of light circles from cups onWooden table. Do not rush to give a hand to furniture, try blowing a blow-dryer on a spoiled place. A hot stream of air will dry the tree and the stain will disappear. After carrying out of drying it is possible to grease furniture with a polish.
    Hairdryer against stain
  5. How to clean stainless steel
    The stainless steel sink is very well cleaned with a lemon. Thanks to lemon juice everything will glitter, like a mirror! Sodium skinned and lemon juice sink, then rinse with water.
  6. How to clean a frying pan
    Large salt cleans perfectlyPan, removing carbon deposits, grease and oil. This is a powerful abrasive. Wipe salt in a frying pan and it will become noticeably cleaner. Of course, salt should be added a few drops of water and rub this thick gruel into the surface of the frying pan.
    Salt in a frying pan
  7. How to wash the microwave
    Put two cups of water inside the microwave, add 2 tablespoons of water to the water. Spoons of vinegar and a couple of drops of essential oil. Turn on the microwave, let the water boil in - the steam will clear all the nooks and crannies.
    Microwave oven
  8. How to wash cups
    Mix the vinegar with water and pour this mixture of the cup. Give them to stand up like this. Contamination from tea and coffee can easily be washed with a regular sponge.
    Dirty cup
  9. How to remove stains from clothes
    Just smear a stain on the clothes with chalk and thoroughly wash it. Chalk absorbs all the dirt, and its residue is easily removed by water.
    a piece of chalk
  10. How to remove stains from faucets and mixers
    Just turn the tap or shower head into an ordinary package, pour vinegar over there. Leave the tap soaked for the night. In the morning it will be perfectly clean.

let cleanliness and tidiness Reign in your house forever. Life in purity and coziness makes a person better, and his thoughts and deeds are cleaner. Try these effective tools at home and be sure to share your observations.

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