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13 useful websites

Many people spend a day and hours just sitting in social networks, occasionally calling on youtube or a site with recipes. We collected 13 sites that will allow you to conduct Time on the Internet with benefit.

13 useful websites

  1. 4brain is a site with free online training. Here you can, without leaving home, learn the basics of leadership, creative thinking, speed reading, writing and oratorical art, psychology, NLP and get other useful knowledge. The website provides students with the opportunity to verify what they have learned in practice.
  2. Udemy is a good resource both for people who want toLearn something new, and for professionals in a certain field. The site provides many free courses on all sorts of topics. Here you can also register as a teacher and earn by teaching others.
  3. Povarenok - a portal where you can find recipes, based on your ingredients. Also here you can watch video recipes, read useful articles about cooking and keep your culinary diary.
  4. Bookcrossing - a site for fans of reading. The creators of this resource claim - if you really love your books, let them go. Resource allows you to track the movement of a book on the world thanks to a glued sticker with the code.
  5. Sharedtalk is an effective resource for everyone whoWants to learn and practice foreign languages. Here you can find a friend by correspondence from any country in the world and learn the language directly during communication. Moreover, it is a good way not to forget the language you have already learned.
  6. Couchsurfing - a site where you can find yourselfFriend (or friend) in another country and go to visit him. An excellent place for fans of budget travel options to other countries, as well as for those who have no one to spend time with abroad.
  7. Ofigenno - here you will find the best stories fromAll the Internet, which should be read by yourself, and then - to share with friends. With this site you will not pass any significant or interesting event.
  8. Picmonkey - you can edit this siteImages, and also use a variety of effects, frames and fonts to turn your photo into a real masterpiece that is guaranteed to collect a lot of enthusiastic comments in any social network.
  9. Memrise - with the help of this site you can learn orRemember the necessary information in the game form. In its arsenal, many free courses on the study of foreign languages, art, history, geography and much more. You can filter the language courses, as well as create your own material for training.
  10. Skyscanner - a site through which you can quickly compare all available on the Internet offers from airlines, to book hotels and car rental, and then choose the most profitable.
  11. Fitday - a magazine that will allow youTrack weight loss. As a bonus here you can get a free consultation from a nutritionist, count up calories, and learn a lot of useful information about nutrition. There is a mobile version that can be installed on the phone.
  12. 750 words - a site that invites you to writeFor 750 words (3 pages) per day. This is a psychological technique that allows you to better know yourself and deal with the mess in your thoughts, pouring them onto virtual paper.
  13. Videoboom - the best selection of videos from all over the Internet. With the help of this site you will not miss any worthwhile video, make sure of it yourself.

with these 13 sites You can transfer your pastime intoInternet to a qualitatively new level. Choose a few resources to your liking and start working on yourself and develop today. And also share useful information with your friends.