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Cottage cheese against cancer

It's hard to imagine, but cancer It is possible to win in three months! Just stick to a simple and affordable diet.

doctor Joanne Badwig, The inventor of the diet, lived 95 years! She spent her entire life studying the problem of cancer.

Cottage cheese against cancer

In the course of his research, Dr. Badwig came toThe conclusion that the main enemies of health are refined fats and carbohydrates. Simply put, such fashionable now fat-free, dietary food is a direct road to failure of work of all organism.

Deficiency of fatty acids in our cells is fraught withSuch diseases as a heart attack, atherosclerosis, peptic ulcer disease ... but do not grab at once for a sandwich with mayonnaise or start absorbing biscuits in unlimited quantities! cottage cheese - this is the medicine!

Joanne Badwig

Doctor badwig determined that most of the fatty acids are contained in linseed oil of cold pressing, and cottage cheese is rich in proteins. Combination of these two products - not only Disease prevention, But a real panacea!

Recipe for cottage cheese with linseed oil

cottage cheese

Recipe for amazing Medicines Is simple. 2 tbsp is sufficient. L. Of organic linseed oil carefully grind with 100-150 g of fresh grainy cottage cheese. After three months of consuming the mixture once a day, the patients felt significant improvement.

for Overall health promotion You can simply increase the amount of cottage cheese and reduce the dosage of oil to taste.

Share this simple recipe for longevity and beauty with your friends and stay healthy for many years!