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The use of blackened bananas

Bananas like everything - adults and children. The benefits of bananas and banana peels are already very much said, and today you will read the answer to a question that rises quite rarely. Which bananas are more useful - fresh, greenish or those that stood in the kitchen long enough, became very soft and even blackened?

It would seem, the answer is obvious. I just love ordinary bananas, with a yellow peel and a fairly solid, dense pulp, what's the problem? The fact is that Ripe bananas Differ from ordinary and not fully ripened not only by their taste qualities. They affect the body quite differently!

The benefits of blackened bananas


When bananas become soft and very ripe,They are much sweeter. This is because complex carbohydrates and sugars are gradually broken down, break down into a simpler sucrose over time.

Which means that the body is much easier to absorb,This product is very useful for digestion. In ripe bananas are much more useful vitamins and various trace elements - this is also a scientifically proven fact.


But what is most surprising: bananas, which are already starting to turn black, are a source of an incredibly effective substance that can fight even with Cancer cells!! When a banana is already very ripe, a powerful antioxidant begins to develop inside it.

Eating ripe and ripe bananas is very useful for the immune system, it will help your body to cope faster with any infection and not pick up a new one.

Remember this when next time you meetThrow out a ripe banana. Everyone has his own taste - some like greener fruits, others like those that are sent. Those who can not bear the spirit of too soft bananas, do not be discouraged.

Because of them you can prepare many differentDishes - pancakes with banana, fruit salad, jelly ... to be healthy, it is enough just not to reject the useful substances that nature itself podvysivaet. Eat right and enjoy every moment of your life!