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How to make yourself drink more water

about Use of water Already written enough on the Internet, and inBooks and other printed publications. So you will not be surprised by the statement that you need to drink enough water and do it regularly, since almost all the processes in the human body depend on it.

Try it Drink more water, And you will feel the difference literally at once - extra pounds will start to go away, the skin condition, metabolism will improve, additional energy will appear.

Well known to all Negative consequences of dehydration - dry mouth, dizziness, decreasedPressure, headaches, dry skin and weakness. Scientists have determined that the optimum amount of water is 3 liters per day for men and 2 liters for women.

So, in order not to forget to drink water during the day, use these tips:

How to make yourself drink more water

  1. Add water to your daily routine
    Accustom yourself to drinking water at a certaintime. If you're used to drinking tea or coffee in the morning, you can try replacing it with water. Or, alternatively, drink first a glass of water, and then your favorite hot drink.

    You can develop the habit of drinking a glass of waterAfter showering or before washing, after waking up or before going to bed. Thus, you can easily add to your diet a couple of additional glasses of water a day. It is important that the water is always located in the vessel for water in sight, then the hand will automatically reach for the bottle or glass.

  2. Pick up a suitable bottle and mark on it the necessary time and level of drunk
    Buy a quality water tank. Spend a little more money, but get a bottle that you like, and always carry it with you. On such a capacity you can note how much and when you need to drink, using a marker or stickers.
    Bottles of water
  3. Play
    Game is an excellent method for achieving any goals, inIncluding regular use of water. Think over the reward system and encourage yourself for every step on the way to the goal. You can turn the acquisition of this habit into competition with yourself or others. This will give you more motivation and excitement.
    The guy is pouring water
  4. Establish a timer and develop psychological triggers
    Those who still forget to drink water needSet several alarm clocks on the phone with reminders. As for psychological triggers, you can try to introduce the habit of drinking water every time you feel hungry or craving for harmful food.
    Timer on the phone
  5. Make a difference
    In the water you can add fruit or cucumber, it gives it a fragrance and does not harm the figure. As an option, freezing lemon slices in ice cubes. If desired, water can be carbonated.

    Buy a beautiful mug, it's just as important as inCase with a bottle. It can be something funny or funny, the main thing is to attract attention. We tend to use things that we like more.

    Lemon in water

  6. Consume water with food
    Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of water. They can serve as an excellent alternative to sweets or chips. Most of the water contains cucumber, salad, celery, radish, tomato, sweet pepper, cauliflower, watermelon, spinach, strawberry, broccoli, grapefruit, apricot, cherry, grapes and zucchini.

    Make sure that your favorite fruits and vegetables are always at hand in case you want to have a snack.

    Sliced ​​vegetables

Water - Source of Life. Try to drink it in sufficient quantity, andYour state of health will change for the better. Learn to love the taste of water, and also work a little over your way of life, so that drinking becomes a habit. There is nothing complicated in this, and the results are simply excellent.

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