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Good health in the morning

They say that the morning is wiser than the evening. And it is not surprising - because it is the moment of awakening and the moments that come to him that set the tone for the whole day. To break the initial impulse is very, very difficult, which means you need to try in advance, from the evening "program" yourself on Good mood in the morning.

Most people over this do not think, and inAs a result, we get standard morning pictures with hundreds and thousands of gloomy, dissatisfied faces on the streets, public transport and office corridors. These tips will help you avoid the most obvious misses in planning the day and the traps of your own laziness. Wonder your cheerfulness around!

How to be cheerful in the morning

The girl slept

  1. The first thing that should be advised aimed atMorning activity to the person - get rid of the habit of late supper! Midnight raids on the refrigerator are fraught with not only the growth of fat deposits, but also the morning retardation. With it in the set are also weakness, bad breath, a corresponding taste and heaviness in the whole body. Not able to go to bed without a snack? Fruits are your best friends!
  2. Late dinner is not the only inappropriateAn occupation for a dream to come. Before going to bed is not recommended to find out the relationship in the family, fuss, trying to finish something, watch the news - what is there now, except for the negative, can there be ?! "Bloody" series like the endless gangster-police sagas? Forget about them too! In the kingdom of Morpheus you need to leave prepared. Perfect preparation for a bright tomorrow will be a good book, pleasant music or a relaxing bath. By the way about a bath - it is recommended to fall asleep in every possible way clean.
  3. Become a habit Plan tomorrow The previous evening. Did not calculate the day ahead? Relaxed, succumbed to the temptation to sleep longer, overslept. Here and a good mood as there was, and with it and good state of health. Verdict - prepare for your tomorrow from yesterday evening.
  4. It's also important how you buildHis rookery. The bed should not be too soft, and the blanket - too warm. It is advisable to ventilate the room before going to bed. just? Of course. Nevertheless, many people neglect such Simple steps to the morning cheer.
  5. In the morning immediately take a shower, well, or at least wash. This will give you an extra push, dispel the remnants of a sleepy haze, and completely discourage the desire to even lay a head for a moment on the pillow, because of which thousands each day receive a tough headache from their superiors.

Share these tips with your friends so that their morning becomes good too!