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Secrets of education from a millionaire

Deni jonson Grew up in a poor family, in 17 gave birth to the firstChild, in 21 was on the street, and at 23 earned her first million. Now a successful mother of five children travels around the world and shares her principles of raising children.

Secrets of education

Secrets of education

  1. No mobile phones!
    Everyone knows that no modern child can imagine his life without a tablet, computer and mobile phone.

    Moreover, all these modern devices are accustomed toPeople do not plan their time, and the TV imposes wrong behavior patterns. So the children of Johnson received their first phones at the age of 16, and there was no TV in the house and there was none.

  2. The right goals - from the cradle!
    As a rule, every second parent brings up his children with the thought: maybe luck! And children need to help with early childhood to prioritize and achieve the goal.

    If you send your child toA week or two volunteer in a shelter for homeless people without a penny in your pocket, the result will not keep you waiting: in a week your child will return with a great desire to learn and achieve their goals.

  3. Not all cartoons are for children.
    Including the next cartoon, we see a typicalA picture: a lazy, dissolved, self-satisfied peasant is pleased with the way he deftly traces others around his finger. And here the question arises: would parents want their sons to grow up like this or do their daughters have such husbands? The answer is obvious. So do not watch TV. never.
  4. Save money - do not waste it.
    There is an unwritten rule that many American parents use: save 10 dollars, and I'll give you 10 more.

    When the necessary amount will be collected, buy on themYou can only those things that allow the child to develop and move forward: a bicycle, a book, a musical instrument. You can not buy children that are not used by them and only take an unnecessary place - you need to teach them that money can be earned, accumulated and invested.

  5. You give more - you get more!
    Most importantly - to teach the child respect for his neighbor. It is not by chance that the Bible mentions that 10% must be sacrificed. The children of Johnson themselves follow this: give 10% of each dollar earned to orphans. While another 25% remains for rest and entertainment, and the rest goes to the piggy bank - for a happy future and the realization of ideas.
  6. Parents are not an ATM.
    The worst thing parents do now is hardEarn money to give children everything that they themselves lacked in childhood. And that we see: children grow up, getting into a world where they can not afford to live as they used to.

    Den Johnson does the following: Gives the child $ 50 per year for shoes and buys four pairs of jeans. You want something more - wait for a sale or earn! Of course, the child must be provided with everything necessary, but he must try to reach all the special requirements or desires himself.

  7. I love my job!
    When children constantly hear that your boss -Pigs, colleagues - rare idiots, and the work itself is very annoying, then from the very childhood they know only one thing: work is something painful, unpleasant and bad. "These guys are unlikely to want to work or start their own business", - confident Johnson.

    In the family of the most successful woman, children start performing light housework from the age of three already. So they "pay" for their living and food. Because nothing happens in life for free.

all these "Wisdom" It is very easy to apply daily in practice, just often parents forget about adherence to principle when it comes to their child. But it's not too late to fix everything for the better!

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