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Napkins for baby from paper towels

Paper towels are more than 100 years old. They were first created in 1907 by the "scott paper company" in Philadelphia and used to To limit the spread of germs In the bathrooms. Before the creation of paper towels, people used fabric towels, and not only at home, but in public toilets. How good that they came up with!

Today there are hundreds of ways how to use these towels. Now you will see how In order to save Make of ordinary paper towels softNapkins to wipe the baby, or delicate diapers, which very quickly absorb all moisture. This wonderful option is suitable for all children, even if they have very delicate skin! Do everything in such a sequence.

Paper towel napkins

  1. Separate the roll into two parts with a very sharp knife, preferably with teeth.
  2. Place the resulting half of the roll in a bowl.
  3. Mix a children's bathing gel (1 tbsp.) And a moisturizing body oil (1 tbsp.) With water (1.5 cups). Pour this mixture on top of a roll in a bowl. You will get a very swollen paper.
  4. After 10 minutes, turn the roll over so that the other side is impregnated. Wait until the liquid is completely absorbed into the paper. When the paper has softened, get the middle of the cardboard.
  5. Then cut into pieces that you will be comfortable to use, and put them in a container, tightly closing the lid.
  6. Let it stand for 10 minutes, then turn the container upside down. Your napkins / diapers are ready!
  7. See the video in which this process is clearly shown.

    Excellent replacement expensive Children's towels. The kid will be extremely grateful to such softness and care!

Use this "recipe" for yourself and your beloved! Excellent economy, if you often use soft napkins.

Share this video with friends, let them get a little lesson for the future, when Children's expenses Will occupy almost the entire budget. This is very urgent!